The Advent of "Green Options" + The Green Report (Updated)

I’m going to keep this short, but as an FYI, the blogosphere is officially welcoming Green Options to the scene.  In full disclosure, I am a contributor to the site, so I […]

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VIDEO: Greenbuild 2006 – Reflections + The Future

  "You inevitably have to think about the consequences of what you do.  What I’m doing could effect someone I’ve never met and never will, and maybe even […]

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Skyscraper Sunday: LEED Candidate MintoSkyy (Toronto)

Going green isn’t all that difficult when sustainability is woven into the fiber and fabric of your company’s existence.  There are a few companies in the business world that survive on a green business […]

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Green CBS Radio, Wal-Mart's Sustainability 360, + The Green Premium (WIR)

U.S. Homebuyers Will Pay Premium For Green Homes – More than half of homebuilders surveyed report that buyers are willing to pay a premium of between 11-25 percent for green-built homes. The same […]

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The Plenty 20 + Fiberstars' Efficient Fiber Optics

The February/ March 2007 edition of Plenty Magazine has a really good article called "The Plenty 20" by Danielle Wood. You won't find it online, so go pick up a copy. Generally speaking, magazine lists have a tendency to be contrived, opinionated, and/or incomplete, but I thought The Plenty 20 was rather thorough. The article profiled an Ohio-based company called Fiberstars (NASDAQ: FBST). The U.S. government funded the research that became Fiberstars' Efficient Fiber Optic Technology (EFO) with grants totaling about $13 million. Now, its lights illuminate the Declaration of Independence and the Magna Carta.
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Would You Pay a Premium to Lease Green Space?

Here’s the situation.  You have two new 15-story buildings in a good location near downtown.  Both buildings have received several inquiries from potential tenants.  Building #1 is a traditionally-built, modern facility.  Building […]

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