BuildingGreen's 2006 Top-10 Green Building Products + GreenSpec Directory

To make life a little easier, there's the GreenSpec Directory, which includes more than 2,100 green product listings. It's a veritable idea bank ($89.90). To give you a taste of what some of the products are, BuildingGreen announced the Top-10 Green Building Products during GreenBuild in November. Here they are.
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Kicking Out the Shouts: 10,000 Visits – Arigatou Gozaimasu

Hey everyone, I justed wanted to kick out some shouts…over the weekend, the ole’ blog passed the 10,000 visits mark (page views was a long time ago).  Since embarking on this crazy, […]

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Skyscraper Sunday: 1800 Larimer LEED Silver Office Tower (Denver)

Recently, Westfield Development announced plans to build the most energy efficient high rise in downtown Denver--actually, it's a $150 million, 22 story, 500,000 square foot, energy-efficient, proposed LEED Silver tower. Westfield Development President Rich McClintock said, "if it is not a sustainable building, it is outdated." I couldn't agree more.
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Green Economics: City of Phoenix Saving $600k/year Due to Energy-Efficiency Program

There's an economic case for CFLs. The City of Phoenix is saving about $600,000 a year after replacing traditional lighting with CFLs. Mayor Phil Gordon said the city has replaced about 95% of the city's lights with energy-efficient alternatives (as part of a $1.2 million one-time investment) and is starting to see the rewards. At $600,000 in savings per year, that's a 2 year payback on your investment. This is smart business.
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GreenCity Lofts: A Modern Step in the Green Direction

First off, GreenCity Lofts LLC shows us how important it is to have a sleek, professional, informative website for your properties.  In the early stages of construction, word-of-mouth increases and people start […]

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Green Cartoon – “Isn’t Nature Marvelous”

This cartoon comes from a very creative Japanese cartoonist, Professor Hiroshi Takatsuki (aka High Moon), who does some pretty thoughtful environmental work.  I’m not going to spoil it by telling you the […]

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