I'd Like a Facelift, Suggestions?

I love blogging.  I really do.  But maybe it’s because I look at my own blog everyday, I don’t know, but I’d like to mix it up a little bit.  Is that taboo for a […]

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AIA: 2007 COTE Top Ten Green Projects

Today, the AIA released its list of the 2007 COTE Top Ten Green Projects, projects that showcase excellence in sustainable design principles and reduced energy consumption.  On May 3, these ten projects […]

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S2: LOT-EK Slanting Container Building – 87 Lafayette Tower

I’m not sure whether this is already in the works or whether this is just a proposal, but I thought it was creative and interesting enough to talk about.  […]

The Case for Individual Effort + Global Cooperation

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Dual Flush Toilets, Nevada's Green Incentives, New York's Green Improvements, + William McDonough on Earth Day (WIR)

If Your Toilet was Installed Before 1994, it probably Accounts for 40% of Household H2O…Dual Flush Toilets are Newest Way to Save Water.  Patagonia’s LEED Gold Distribution Center Gets 50% Real […]

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Coca-Cola Flaunting the Business Case for Green Renovations

It looks like we can add Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO) to the list of companies that are trying to reduce the impact of business operations.  Today, the company announced a collaboration with Georgia Tech Enterprise […]

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