Masdar City: Zero Carbon, Zero Waste

Foster + Partners has created a master plan for a massive and bold 6 million square meter sustainable development near Abu Dhabi called Masdar.  Driven by the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company, Masdar will be a zero carbon, zero waste community, one that will be entirely car free. 


Filler Post: The Light at the End of the Tunnel

I’m in the middle of a hellish end to law school finals.  I have some good content in the works, but need to sort through it + make it shine, so keep your eyes open […]

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Gatorade Building Becomes Largest, Green Food + Beverage Facility in World

That’s right.  Another example of the business case for going green.  Recently, Gatorade received LEED Gold-level certification for the Gatorade Thirst Quencher Blue Ridge facility in Wytheville, Virginia.  At 950,000 sf, it weighs in […]

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The Modern Danish Interpretation of Light*house (S2)

The images you see are for a development in Denmark called the "Danish Light*house," a collaboration between UNStudio, 3xn, and Gehl Architects.  Light*house is the winner of the competition for a new Aarhus harbor front.  In addition to the 140 meter residential tower, the project includes the ancillary buildings also on the water front.  With sub-level parking and no parking on ground level, one goal of Light*house is to create a walkable environment that draws visitors to the water.  Although details are still in general terms, starting sometime in 2008, it will be built to the newest energy standards and sustainable building practices.  Light*house will have a healthy mix of rental + owner-occupied housing; a large portion of the project will include non-profit rental housing.  When construction is complete in 2010, the project owners hope to have the harbor front in Denmark.  More pics below the jump.  Via.

Good Links:+Danish Light*house [architecture.mnp]+The Lighthouse of Danish Urban Development [WAN]+3xn, UNStudio, Gehl Architects [architects]


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C2C + LEED, Baltimore Going Green, + Exelon's Platinum HQ (WIR)

USGBC Now Allows Cradle to Cradle (C2C) Points under LEED Innovation in Design Category. Britain Assesses the Pros and Cons of Green Homes.  Baltimore is One Step Closer to Becoming […]

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Top 10 Problems with Sprawl

At some point over the past year, the American population surpassed 300 million, and if we continue as expected, we’re going to have another 92 million people over the next 34 years.  […]

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