Noteworthy Green News: Week in Review

Enertia: Houses Heated + Cooled by the Sun – No furnace, air conditioner, heat pump or swamp cooler — just an innovative design that harnesses geothermal energy and sunlight year round. […]

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Official Jetson Green Prodigious Commenter Contest

So in the spirit of giving and encouraging eco-edification via comments, I'm inaugurating the Official Jetson Green Prodigious Commenter Contest. I will give away $25 to the 500th comment on Jetson Green. Not necessarily on this post, but when we get to that point, you'll know...
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Eco-Friendly Knight Benches from Forms+Surfaces

First, it's fabricated with solid aluminum made of 95 % recycled content. The surface is then clear-coated to resist oxidation (not sure what the coat is). The wood slats are Ipe, which is a sustainably harvested wood that has the USDA Forest Products Laboratory's highest rating for decay and insect resistance. What's better, the bench is fully recyclable, which is important when looking to the life cycle of the products being used.
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Natural Home + 2 Eco-Smart Townhouses: A Project in Green Renovation (Brooklyn)

The building won't be torn down, it will be renovated. The interior will use IceStone recycled counters (C2C), salvaged wood or bamboo flooring, and Kirei board cabinets. Finishes will be with low or no-VOC water-based poly (American Pride). The house will be wired with solar energy via photovoltaic panels. Also, there will be a solar-thermal and gas-fired system to heat and cool the place. In addition, the developers will use the Health House criteria (regarding moisture + humidity control, energy efficiency, and air filtration + ventilation) to guide them in making the indoor air quality top notch. This should be an interesting project to follow throughout 2007.
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Top 20 No- or Low-Cost Green Building Strategies

One aspect of green building that gets overlooked is financial independence. For instance, a commercial business may make an investment in solar power (provided incentives and rebates make it economically feasible) to stabilize electricity bills and hedge against future electricity cost increases. Another example is the principle of waste reduction in green building. Did you know that building green often costs the same or just a little bit more than standard code-built homes? And did you know that even then, green homes will require less money going forward than standard code-built homes?
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BusinessWeek's Best Ideas 2006: "Green [Building] is Good"

I’m a big-time reader–anything good I can get my hands on.  But, I’m picky.  So I take time to read BusinessWeek (BW) every week, and I can’t remember the last time they DIDN’T mention […]

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