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Contemporary Furniture: Going Green with Exceptionally Designed Bicycle Parts

This isn’t just some ordinary, run-of-the-mill furniture, slapped together with no thought for the environment, comfort, or design.  Andy Gregg founded Bike Furniture Design in the 90s with the seminal, original bike chair.  Since […]

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  • scraphouse

ScrapHouse Illustrates Re-use, Recycle, Repurpose Principles (aka Innovation)

The ScrapHouse is a "temporary demonstration home, blitz-built using scrap and salvaged material."  I looks really cool…so cool, you’d probably bid for it on ebay if you saw it.  What?  It’s not on ebay; […]

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  • lakeflato_architects_home

1920s San Antonio Industrial Compound Converted into Eco + Modern Residence

Every project is different and depending on the circumstances, one will have a bevy of options to choose from to move forward with a green plan.  Some projects need to be torn down.  Some […]

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Sustainability is Good Business: Obstacles to Green Building Progress

Going green doesn’t mean you’ve turned into a hippy or gone granola, it means you’ve taken a pro-active step to create an efficient, economic, healthy work or home environment.  If you haven’t noticed, there […]

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[September] Architectural Record House of the Month: Newport Beach – Heinfeld Residence

Architectural Record always seems to find some of the best modern + green residences in the country:  this month’s spotlight is on Dan + Katherine Heinfeld’s home designed by architectural firm LPA, Inc., in […]

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  • swiss_re_tower_london_2

Skyscraper Sunday: Green Landmark Building For Sale (30 St Mary Axe)

Call it what you want:  "Gherkin," "The Cigar," "The Towering Innuendo," "30 St Mary Axe," or "Swiss Re Tower;" it looks like the insurance company, Swiss Re, has retained an agent to sell the […]

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