$5B Clinton, Eco-Yahoo!, Health-Care Constuction, Nevada Ungreens, Porous Paving, Ed Begley Jr.'s Green Website, & Green Building Studio (WIR)

Clinton Climate Initiative Offers $5B to Green Municipal Buildings at Cities Nationwide. Yahoo! Issues ‘Greenest City in America’ Challenge with Reward of Hybrid Taxi Fleet. $41B Health-care Construction Industry Going Green […]

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Josh Dorfman: The Lazy Environmentalist

A couple months ago, I wrote about Josh Dorfman and his Modern Green Living directory, so I wanted to kick out a shout for his new book in stores now.  For some reason I […]

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GreenSource: The Magazine of Sustainable Design

Do you read GreenSource? There’s a free read of the April 2007 edition of GreenSource online.  I highly recommend it, if you have a little free time and a fast connection.  It’s a quarterly […]

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Botanical Visitor's Attraction: Eco Rainforest by Grimshaw

I’m not sure if this concept will make it into practice, but I like the idea.  We have zoos right?  Why not create a botanical visitor’s attraction of the […]

TXU Boosts Wind Energy Portfolio by 29%

Looks like the new TXU is really moving in a green direction.  This is what I was looking for, so let’s hope similar news follows in the future.  Today TXU Wholesale, a subsidiary of […]

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Citizen Wisdom: Dallas Building Wants Green Renovation, Any Ideas?

The bloggers over at the Practical Environmentalist just bought a non-green building in Dallas for their business, Clean Air Gardening.  The 13,000 sf building was built in the 1960s and they have a budget of […]


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