• new_resource_b

Entrepreneurial New Resource Bank + Green Lending Residential Solar Systems

Sustainable business entrepreneurship requires sophisticated financiers, so I wanted to let the Jetson Green readers know about an innovative, newly-founded banking institution called "New Resource Bank."  They are "financing sustainable resources in community."  […]

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  • vencka1

Modern + Green Art: The Campbell Laird Collection

I’ve used the analogy before, but living the green life is similar to using web widgets–you try one out, figure out how it works, and start to enjoy the benefits of that […]

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OMD Prefab Video + Jennifer Siegal Interview

Recently, I blogged about Jennifer Siegal and Office of Mobile Design (OMD) and wanted follow up because I found this video of her Venice, California show house.  It’s a short, 2-minute video packed […]

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  • breathing_earth

Sustainable Building Precursor: Opportunities + Widgets

Think big, think innovative, and think independent. Going green requires taking proactive choices about how you interact with the world we live in. I like to think of all these green opportunities as web widgets that you can pull out of the sky and place them in your home. I'll take the Energy Star appliance widget, the plug-in hybrid vehicle widget, the CFL light bulb widget, the zero-VOC paint widget, the dual-flush toilet widget, etc.!
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  • cincy_skyline

Cincinnati City Council Passes Ordinance Granting Tax Benefits to Green Builders

On September 20, 2006, Cincinnati City Council took a bold step to pass an ordinance, at the motion of council members Laketa Cole and Chris Bortz, that provides tax and $ incentives to residential […]

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  • USA DX1 IW Insitu 1

Energy Star Eco Intuitive Washer + Dryer Combo

When you’re buying appliances for the home, whether you’re replacing or starting new, it is imperative to go for products that are energy efficient.  Many times, you can look for the Energy Star label, […]

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