Winds of Change: Bingaman-Reid Renewable Portfolio Standard Energy Amendment

For those that follow the political realm, you may be aware that the Senate is considering a huge energy bill over the next 24 hours.  Some of the details of this bill […]

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S2: The Top Ten Green Skyscrapers (EcoGeek)

Every Sunday, Jetson Green features a different green skyscraper, and flat out, I’m amazed at the innovation architects and engineers are putting into these towering eco-phallics.  So, in the spirit of looking […]

Smart-Home Tech, Big Houses, Wind Energy White Paper, + Peddling Smart Growth (WIR)

Wired to Sell – Smart-home technology is becoming increasingly available with a variety of conservation and convenience features.  Why Big Houses? The average, new American home is 2,400 sf; experts weigh in […]

Wachovia to Build 300 Green Bank Centers by 2010

This is a pretty huge announcement.  The financial case for green building is so compelling that we occasionally see companies making the green change cold turkey saying, "Everything from now on will […]

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5IVE: Modern + Green LEED Platinum Minnesota Home

If everything pans out, 5IVE is going to be one of the hottest homes to hit the modern + green scene.  You watch, I’m calling it right now.  This Minneapolis, Minnesota home is aiming for the distinct accomplishment of LEED Platinum certification under the U.S. Green Building Council guidelines.  Platinum green homes get attention.  John Dwyer, professor at University of Minnesota and founder of Shelter Architecture, designed the home for Jeff and Saleno Gallo.  5IVE is built with precast concrete walls with an r-value in the 30s, has one of the most efficient heating and cooling systems on the market, and will use the greenest possible materials, products, appliances, and fixtures. 

The blogosphere is cool because we can use it to peer into the lives of others and learn from their experiences.  Jeff Gallo and Dwyer are collaborating on a blog by documenting the step-by-step process of building one of the greenest homes in Minnesota.  Right now, details are a little scant (for the unbuilt portions), so check the progress at the 5IVE blog for more specifics.

Good Links:++5ive Plans [Shelter Architecture]++5IVE: DIARY OF A LEED PLATINUM HOME++5IVE: Diary of a LEED Platinum Home [Treehugger]


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WINDPOWER 2007: AWEA Flickr Pool and YouTube Channel

Right now, the world’s largest wind energy conference and exhibition, called WINDPOWER 2007, is going on.  For those of you that can’t attend, here’s a link to the AWEA […]

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