Green Roofs Increase 25%, Home Depot's $100M Plan, Troubled Water Supplies, + Standard 189P (WIR)

North America sees the installation of +3M square feet of new green roofs in 2006– an increase of 25% over 2005.  Home Depot launches $100M plan to support the development of 100,000 […]

Welcome to Jetson Green v2.0

I started Jetson Green using the Blogger platform, but quickly came to realize that I wouldn’t be able to manipulate the design as needed.  So I took all the articles and switched them to Typepad, […]

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Jason Hammond Home + From the Ground Up

I was blown away when I found out about this online blog at the Star Tribune in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  It’s called From the Ground Up and the journal is tracking Jason Hammond’s […]

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Mashup: MKD + SketchUp + Google Earth

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to put a Michelle Kaufmann Designs home on your piece of land?  Now you can do it, and you’re going to love this.  […]

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Video: Hive Modular in Germantown, Nashville

I found this blog dinking around with my Blackberry’s feedreader software.  David Hunter has a blog called "Nashville Modern Prefab," and he’s documenting his experience trying to build a modern Hive […]

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S2: Zero Emissions, Zero Energy Office Tower – Burj al-Taqa

I’m a little late getting to this because I’ve reserved it for the Skyscraper Sunday column, but news of this building pretty much swamped the blogosphere a couple weeks ago.  This is the Burj […]

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