London's Innovative Container City Video + Business Plan Question

I found this informative, richly entrepreneurial video on Container City, which is a container-based urban development in London.  Here in the US, we have some work to do, to get […]

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  • wind_power_card

Wind Power Cards Available at Whole Foods Market

I first heard that Whole Foods was going to be selling a Wind Power Card ($15 family – 750 kWh + $5 individual – 250 kWh) from eco-entrepreneur Shea, a co-founder of […]

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  • greenbridge

Bill McDonough's Mixed-Use, LEED Greenbridge Developments

You’ve heard of William "Bill" McDonough: "Hero for the Planet."  He’s co-author of the wildly popular Cradle to Cradle book and co-founder of the product and process design firm MBDC, […]

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  • green_remodeling

Trend Analysis: When Remodeling, Green > Luxury

Whether you’re a real estate developer, owner, seller, broker, agent, speculator, investor, enthusiast, or whatever, there’s a trend that is important to grasp.  I read news of a survey that illustrates the trend.  Here’s […]

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  • yellow_rendering

Green Prefab: The Vital House by Ulterior Mode

If you’ve heard of the Husten-Haskin house (mentioned in NYTimes + SF Chronicle), then you’ve heard of the architect behind the the Vital House prefab:  Erin Vali of Ulterior […]

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  • vertical

Skyscraper Sunday: Urban Cactus by UCX Architects

This is a building I saw first on Archidose.  Since the website project description is in Dutch, it’s hard to get specific information on this building, but I’ll share what […]

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