Hive Modular Video: Modern, Semi-Affordable + Light Green

If you’re a prefab enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of Hive Modular–they’re pushing the envelope on modern, highly-customized, affordable modular homes.  I’ve included a short video with Paul Stankey talking […]

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Market Style Apartments: Comfortable, Green Apartment Community for Naval Personnel

The Navy has commissioned a $39.5 million, 2-level, 6 courtyard apartment community for about 420 Naval service members in Norfolk Naval Station.  What’s most impressive is that the community will use environmentally friendly design […]

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Mixed Use Summit 2006: 4 Reasons To Think About Sustainability

"If you're not thinking about sustainability, you're missing the boat. TODs, urban development, LEED, etc. There are four reasons you should be thinking about it: (1) it's the right thing to do, (2) your competition's doing it, (3) it adds value to the project, and (4) it speeds up the process." - Ken Ryan, Principal of EDAW Inc.
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Skyscraper Sunday: City of Arabia's "Green" Times Residences

Dubai has money like no other place I’ve ever seen.  They’re working to beat Taipei 101, so they can have the tallest building in the world.  Now, they’ve announced this building called Times Residences, […]

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Noteworthy Green News: Week in Review

Enertia: Houses Heated + Cooled by the Sun – No furnace, air conditioner, heat pump or swamp cooler — just an innovative design that harnesses geothermal energy and sunlight year round. […]

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Official Jetson Green Prodigious Commenter Contest

So in the spirit of giving and encouraging eco-edification via comments, I'm inaugurating the Official Jetson Green Prodigious Commenter Contest. I will give away $25 to the 500th comment on Jetson Green. Not necessarily on this post, but when we get to that point, you'll know...
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