Noteworthy Green News: Week in Review

Bold U.S. Energy Goal Put Forward on Capitol Hill: 25% of Energy from Renewable Sources by 2025 – A bipartisan group of Senators and Representatives have re-introduced the 25x’25 House and Senate Concurrent Resolutions calling for […]

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BusinessWeek: Beyond the Green Corporation + Sustainable Core Competency

On the first day of the new year, I blogged about my personal goal to flaunt the business case for green real estate.  I really do believe there are big opportunities in sustainability, and […]

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LivingHomes News: Ray Kappe v2 + LEED Silver

It looks like LivingHomes is lighting up the blogosphere again with more news.  I’ve talked about Living Homes here + here, and I really like the company, big-time.  So there are a […]

Green Building: Finding True South to Optimize Orientation

You may have already heard that House & Garden Magazine took a green approach in its latest installment, the February issue I believe.  One article talks about an interview with […]

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Eco-Friendly Green Planet Paints: Natural + Zero VOC

Guest post contributed by Nancy Haecker, Co-Founder of Green Planet Paints, an Arizona-based company innovating natural, zero VOC paints for compelling interior applications. 

Beauty.  Simplicity.  Green Planet Paints (GPP) has developed an […]

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3Form Named a Top 25 Fastest Growing Company in Utah Business Magazine

I was in Utah over the weekend for Equity Green’s wedding.  He’s a real estate tax guy named Garrett, so visit the archives if […]

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