Green Building: A Contractor's Perspective by Chris Hurst

The average consumer, architect, or designer has no clue what I am talking about when I describe energy-efficient, sustainable construction. To build a super-insulated passive house is not really difficult--sure it costs more, but the payback averages about 5 years for the extra cost. Then you're insulated from future energy price hikes (i.e., you can pay me a little bit more now or the utility/oil company can take a lot more for the rest of your life!).
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Skyscraper Sunday: LEED Gold Connecting Old + New (Seattle)

I came across an interesting statistic (which will be obsolete in no time) about LEED certified office buildings.  There are about 669 LEED certified office buildings, and of that number, […]

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Noteworthy Green News: Week in Review

Kulongoski Proposes $30 Million for Green Energy – Oregon Governor Kulongoski’s budget proposal includes $5.2 million for the nation’s first in-water wave generation and demonstration research facility, $2 million to the state’s energy […]

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Nominate Jetson Green for the 2007 Bloggies: "Best New Weblog"?!

Well, I don’t know how this will go, but who cares, right?  I’m going to give it a shot.  Preliminary voting has opened for The Seventh Annual Weblog Awards: The 2007 Bloggies.  There […]

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BusinessWeek's Residential Green Tech: Wind Turbines, Geothermal, Solar Panels

There’s a slide show on BusinessWeek, which is part of a story written by Aili McConnon.  The story is called, "For Houses, It’s Glamorous to be Green."  For attribution, the link to […]

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LEED Gold David L. Lawrence Convention Center: The Three Rs in 2006

The David L. Lawrence Convention Center (DLLCC) was conceived from a design competition in 1999, which was won by Rafael Vinoly Architects, P.C..  After a few years of construction […]

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