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Brad Pitt + Global Green USA Seeking Partners for New Orleans Green Community

Pitt + Global Green USA have partnered to build a sustainable community in New Orleans. They are seeking cornerstone partners, each with category exclusivity, to help create a prototype for affordable, green housing. Housing will be energy-efficient with environmentally conscious and weather-resistant materials.
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SCIPs + Green Sandwich Technologies

  You probably heard about Green Sandwich Technologies (GST) earlier this year when William (Bill) McDonough, FAIA, announced that he’d be on the company’s advisory board.  Structural Concrete Insulating Panel (SCIP) technology, […]

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Merry Christmas + Happy Holidays

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Skyscraper Sunday: The Modern + Green Skyscraper Movement

  I wanted to include this video within my post, but E&ETV disabled the embed function, so head over to Youtube this jolly Christmas eve to watch a good […]

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Noteworthy Green News: Week in Review

Wind Energy Scores Major Legal Victory in U.S. (Texas) – Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center in Texas, currently the world’s largest wind farm, did not create enough noise to be considered a private nuisance.  […]

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Modern Rammed Earth: Red Hill Residence (Australia)

I’m a big-time proponent of green buildings, but if I hear straw bale, adobe, tee pee, or the like, I tend to lose interest.  And the same goes for rammed earth.  That […]

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