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A Simple, Effective PowerCost Monitor

When I lived in Japan, I was always feeling the pinch of electricity bills.  It wasn't because of over-consumption.  Things were just plain expensive.  And luckily, the electricity meter was always near the front door, so I got in the habit of opening the door to check the spin rate on the meter.  After looking at the meter, I'd walk around and unplug things that weren't in use.  Here in the U.S., though, there's no easy access to the meter, especially in the traditional single-family home.  Which is why something like the PowerCost Monitor could come in handy. 


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Central Oregon's First LEED-H Certified Residential Project: Newport District Modern House Project by Abacus GC

Have you ever been to Bend, Oregon?  Bend is smack dab in the middle of the state, it’s Central Oregon, and it’s beautiful.  Central Oregon is not to be confused with the […]

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Semantics: Don't Conflate Prefab + Mobile Homes

Prefab.  Prefab.  Prefab.  If you’re interested in the green building movement, you probably get pumped up when the usual rhetoric–green benefits versus money savings versus factory-built convenience versus design premium versus modernize-the-building […]

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Modern + Green Big Ass Fans

Then it dawned on me that the place wasn't as musty as it usually was and that was a result of the wonderful "Big Ass Fan." Seriously, the Big Ass Fan is hard to miss, but it made jumping on that treadmill a dream. From what I understand, if you do the math, this large, ten-blade oscillator can reduce heating + cooling costs (to $.05 /hour). Here's the concept: the large blades, when combined with lower rotation speeds produce a massive, but gentle, breeze to keep the air cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
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Green Office: Get Supplied @ The Green Office

Officially, this is the third post in a mini-segment here at Jetson Green called the “Green Office.”  First I talked about getting set up with a Think chair, and then I mentioned the […]

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Miami Design District's New Green Tower – COR (S2)

OPPENheim Architecture + Design just received unanimous approval for a 25 story, 380 foot tall, green tower for Miami's Design District (4025 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL 33137). It's called COR and construction will start July 2007. Chad Oppenheim designed COR with the assistance of energy consultant Buro Happold + engineer Ysrael Seinuk. As you can see by looking closely at the pictures, the facade incorporates wind turbines near the top and provides numerous environmental benefits. In addition to wind turbines, this mixed-use, commercial/residential tower will use also photovoltaic panels and solar hot water generation.

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