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PVC Debacle, Green Affordable Housing, Home Depot + Green Roofs, + Corporate Environmentalists (WIR)

Hugging the Tree-huggers: Environmentalists at the Corporate Table – BusinessWeek article on why so many companies are suddenly linking up with eco-groups.  Hint: Smart business.  Enterprise Encourages Legislation to ‘Green’ Affordable Housing […]

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Hive Modular B-Line (F2)


A few months ago, I posted a video on Hive Modular.  Pictured above is the popular, modern B-Line.  Hive Modular is making it happen in a good way. 


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Platinum BASF Near-Zero Energy Home – Paterson, NJ

That’s right, Platinum.  LEED-H Platinum, that is.  The Near-Zero Energy Home in Paterson, NJ, is quite the achievement.  I first saw a picture of it in BusinessWeek, if I recall correctly.  The […]

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Video: Patagonia's LEED Gold Distribution Center

  This is a pretty good video.  If you’re in business and in a position to make decisions about facilities, etc., this is a good idea generator.  In fact, that’s […]

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Chicago's LEED Gold 111 South Wacker (S2)

Since GreenBuild 2007 will be in Chicago, I wanted to showcase one the many green buildings in Chicago.  In 2005, 111 South Wacker in Chicago, Illinois, received an AIA Design Excellence Award and LEED-CS Gold certification for it’s sustainability achievements.  Designed by Goettsch Partners, the 53-story tower is an incredibly handsome skyscraper.  The transparent base of the tower is particularly interesting with those seemingly dinky pillars holding up the entirety of the building. 


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Utah Edging Green, Energy Star Buildings, + Green Materials in Demand (WIR)

Green is Right for Utah’s Future, Sustainable Building Proponents Say – Peter McMahon joined Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson, Rep. Ralph Becker and Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon on the panel. Their […]

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