Top 3 Ways to Green a Property's Energy Mix

With all this discussion about the Senate Energy bill and renewable energy, I thought it was time to kick in and enunciate the ways property owners can elect to greenify, greenize, or […]

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The Science Barge by New York Sun Works

This is unusual, but incredible, in a weird way.  The Science Barge is a sustainable urban farm powered by solar, wind, and biofuels, and irrigated by rainwater and purified river water.  It’s […]

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Americans Want Solar, Florida Green Builder, Google's Plug-in Investment + Green Design Litigation (WIR)

Nearly 90% of Americans think that solar electricity should be offered on all new homes.  Florida home builder decides that all its properties now and in the future will be green certified.  […]

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Thoughts on The Clean Tech Revolution (Updated)

So I received from HarperCollins a copy of Ron Pernick + Clint Wilder’s latest book called The Clean Tech Revolution.  I’m a big enthusiast of renewable technology because it has the potential to change […]

5th STREETpads by Greenpads LLC

The husband and wife team of Liz Miranda and Tim Rempel started Greenpads LLC in 2005, and 5th STREETpads is their first project.  Matter of fact, this six-unit multifamily development received a […]

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Quotable: Barry Commoner Interview w/ NY Times

If you ask what you are going to do about global warming, the only rational answer is to change the way in which we do transportation, energy production, agriculture and a good deal of […]

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