Adaptive Reuse for LEED Wis Tavern

The first Gold certified LEED-H home in Illinois is built from the renovation of an old neighborhood tavern.  The 3,800 square foot building is used by the owners as both a residence and as the offices of their company:  Smog Veil Records.  The label has adopted an "eco-friendly" set of principles, and the owners felt their home/office ought to reflect those values as well.  Daylighting, recycled materials, and efficient appliances were all part of this project.  Inside, some of the floors are made of a terrazzo made from recycled glass and chunks of old vinyl records.  (That's probably the only kind of vinyl flooring anyone should have.)


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Green Builders, Carbon Neutral California, Green Productivity, + Real Estate Economics (WIR)

Builders return to class for lessons in ‘green.’ California energy regulators adopted a target that all homes built after 2020 produce at least as much energy as they consume. Going green […]

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$90 Billion or $300 Per Person [Editorial]

With the price of oil at $95 a barrel, economists estimate that U.S. households will spend an additional $90 billion on costlier gasoline.   Estimating our population at 300 million, that’s an average of $300 per person.   Between my wife and I, that means we’re giving up $600 of our economic pie to the recently increased cost of transportation, on average.


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[Video] Anatomy of a Green Renovation

If you have time, you can sit through all ten of these episodes and really soak in some excellent information.  In Dwell’s first web video series, Building Green in Harlem, the modern magazine […]

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100k House, Trifecta of Modern, Green, Affordable

Overnight, Postgreen announced its first development project in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia.  It will be a small project with two small, two-bedroom homes that will be modern, green, and affordable, a […]

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ASAP House, Northeastern Net Zero Energy Home

This is the ASAP House, a House About Saving A Planet designed by Laszlo Kiss.  Like many green designs generated these days, this home will be a net zero energy home — it will produce as much energy as it uses over a certain period of time.  To do that, the home will have good insulation, Energy Star lighting fixtures, a 10 kW photovoltaic array, and a geothermal heating and cooling system.  Currently, a prototype ASAP House is being built for Sag Harbor, New York.  Just last month, the factory was moving along well on three modules that will end up completing the home. 

The ASAP house will cost roughly $250-265 psf, depending on site conditions, and is being designed with LEED certification in the works.  It is anticipated that the finished home will be about 2,500 sf, with 4 bedrooms, and 2.5 bathrooms.  It’ll be fun to follow the blog progress and see the finished product.  At that point, we’ll officially have one more prefab contender, and more particularly, one that can service the Northeast! 


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