Carnival of the Green #62

As you all know, Carnival of the Green is basically a carnival of blog posts that gets passed around from one green site to another.  Posting happens on Mondays.  Treehugger graciously supports the endeavor, […]

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Skyscraper Sunday: LEED Silver One Victory Park

Taking a page from local developer Harwood, it looks like Hillwood decided to throw its hat into the green development ring with One Victory Park.  1VP is a 20-story, 450,000 square-foot, LEED-Silver […]

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Noteworthy Green News: Week in Review

Massachusetts Power Plants to Pay Emissions Penalties: State Rejoins a Northeast Greenhouse Gas Initiative – Massachusetts power plant owners will have to pay a penalty for every pound of emissions that contribute to global […]

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Clarification Please! Is Green Building More Expensive or Not?

Recently, I attended a guest lecture by a seasoned real estate developer, and he was talking about the profitability of his projects.  This speaker has major experience will all types of investments […]

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Quotable: William McDonough, FAIA

"If people have done any math, they will understand how valuable the green agenda is economically, and that if they don’t adopt it, they are probably not intelligent fiduciaries as developers or owners."  – […]

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Steven Spielberg Movie on William McDonough, FAIA, the "Eco-tect?"

I hope so.  When I wrote about Green Sandwich Technologies, true south orientation, and Greenbridge Developments, I was talking about Bill McDonough.  I’ve also mentioned his Cradle to Cradle notion, which is about much more […]

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