Clean Cities, LEED Design, Green Remodeling Benefits, + SUVs Without Wheels [WIR]

New affordable, eco-friendly home built in 2 weeks. Best Places: America’s cleanest cities.  Architecture firm takes the lead in LEED design. Remodeling green is easy on the earth.  […]

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Clean Technology Tower: Elegant Mix of Biomimicry, Wind Design + Solar Power

If you haven't noticed, Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill have been showing off some seriously green designs since leaving SOM* — this building is another such example.  One of their newest projects, Clean Technology Tower, builds on principles of biomimicry and utilizes technology and building systems to interact with the surrounding environment.  As you'll notice from the renderings below, wind turbines are located at the building's corners to capture wind at its highest velocity as it accelerates around the building.  The number of turbines in the structure increases as you climb up towards the apex, where there's a veritable wind farm!  Also at the top of the skyscraper, where winds are at a maximum, is a domed double roof cavity that captures air for the wind farm.  The dome itself is also clad in photovoltaic cells that harness the sun's energy.

Located near public and private transportation, Clean Technology Tower will house roughly 1.8 million sf of office and 300k sf of hotel space.  Although I'm not sure of the green skyscraper's precise location, Smith + Gill promises unparalleled views of Lake Michigan and the Chicago River from the dome atrium.  Imagine working in a building where you can take the elevator to the top, watch the turbines whirl away, and see the entire city.  It doesn't get much better than that. 


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Pasadena EcoHouse, First LEED Platinum SCIPs House?

The Pasadena EcoHouse wants to be the first LEED Platinum home in the US to be made with Structural Concrete Insulated Panels ("SCIP").  The home was designed by Studio-RMA and will use […]

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KieranTimberlake LivingHomes, Green Prefab for Versatile Residential Uses!

LivingHomes, the expert developer of modern, sustainable prefab, strikes again with a new collaborative relationship with award-winning architecture firm KieranTimberlake Associates, designer of the incredible Loblolly House.  The duo of KieranTimberlake and LivingHomes puts incredible background knowledge of prefabrication to use, which should enable LivingHomes to build faster, cheaper, and more green homes and townhouses.  LivingHomes shoots for a minimum of LEED for Homes Silver on all projects and is guided by the Z6 philosophy: zero energy, water, indoor emissions, waste, carbon, and ignorance.  Together with KieranTimberlake, LivingHomes has announced the development of the following:

LivingHomes Building System (“LBS”), Expandable Single Family Residence, and New LivingHomes Townhouse.  […]

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100K House, Unleashing the Modern Green Virus!

I’ve been following the 100k House Project since the beginning and I’m completely sucked into the process.  It’s a simple concept: low cost, modern, and green — something all […]

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That's Right! Greener Buildings Cut GHG Emissions!

It’s like a light went on in media outlets around the world — journalists and bloggers all over the place are reporting this not so surprising, but important news.  Here’s the report that everyone’s talking about.  I’m just waiting for some bombastic headline like: "Building Green Is a Quick Fix for Climate Change!!"  It’s not all that exaggerated yet, but before diving into the merits and substance of the report, here are a few friends that have mentioned it:


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