Wow! Container Home in New Zealand

Sure, this New Zealand home is heavy on the industrial, nuclear reactor look, but it has a certain draw to it, don't you think?  I was pointed to these images in a flickr photoset owned by petraalsbach and was struck by the interesting use of containers — as you can tell, the home was built right up to, and possibly into, the hill.  Containers are strong and stackable,and it seems like lots of people are using them right now in home design.  Container homes may just become more popular than modern prefab …


Carbon Finance, Earth-Friendly Home Fixes, Target Zero Waste, + Green Growth [WIR]

Top Green Start-up Companies Green construction becomes selling point. Carbon finance comes of age. Investment in green building sector is booming. EPA Administrator says green makes financial sense. […]

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[Video] BedZED Zero Energy Homes

You've probably already heard of BedZED, but have you seen it?  Feel free to watch a short little video about the cutting-edge community. 

BedZED is a 100-home, sustainable community in Beddington (UK) […]

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Buzz Lofts, Approachable Green Style

I used to drive by Buzz Lofts all the time and check out the construction progress.  It's a modern, green, and affordable condo-loft community immediately south of downtown Dallas.  The development is in what you may call an up and coming neighborhood, but the location is great: near the DART rail and all those downtown jobs.  Buzz has been popular, too, with most units nearly sold out. 


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Breaking: President Bush Excerpts on Climate Change and GHG Emissions [ +Reactions]

[Live] 2:45 EST – President Makes Remarks on Climate Change !!

Response Links: what people are saying.


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Architectural Record's Unbuilt Houses 2008

Eight houses were chosen for Architectural Record’s special, web-exclusive list of Unbuilt Houses.  They’re all green.  If you take a look, you might notice something familiar.  You’ve probably seen many of them […]

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