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Greenbuild 2007 Living Building Challenge Winners

Green certifications are important, but can you imagine a world where buildings are better than the best Platinum level certification?  Can you imagine a building that lives?  A living building is self-sustaining […]

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Cities with Green Building Programs Up 418%

Since 2003, the number of cities with green building programs has risen from 22 to 92, for an increase of 418%.  This figure, as well as others below, comes as a result of a study commissioned by the AIA.  Their newly published report, Local Leaders in Sustainability, analyzed 661 communities’ best practices, strategies, and trends, and provides recommendations for cities that are looking to implement green building programs.

1 in 7 cities surveyed currently have green building programs Number improves to 1 in 5 by next year with current projections 39% of citizens live in cities with green building programs 36 cities are in an advanced stage of developing a green building program […]

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Bush Sr. Installs Wind Turbine at Kennebunkport Home

Last week, former President George H. W. Bush installed a 33-foot tall, Skystream 3.7 wind turbine to provide energy for the Bush’s Kennebunkport home.  The Bushes were courted by Southwest Windpower, one of the forerunners in small-wind innovation, and after looking at the pros and cons, they decided to take the plunge.  The turbine is connected to the grid and feeds excess power to the system. 

Since the home is their summer home, it will probably have a substantial credit from all the energy they’re feeding into the system during the winter.  The Bushes decided to purchase the turbine for financial and environmental reasons, but they’re also setting a good example, too.  Via Portland Press Herald. 


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Bedrock Industries, A Recycled Glass Company

Bedrock Industries is a very cool green company.  They use 100% recycled glass and are committed to never using any new material.  What they do with this glass is just as cool; they use it for tiles, art projects, glass dinnerware, crushed stone pathways and colored sand, and even sell it to be used as mosaic material or as a substrate in homemade green concrete countertops.  They have a great range of colors ranging from red, yellow and brown to turquoise, pink and purple.  Their tiles are beautiful and come in many shapes, including some very unusual shapes like leafs and flower petals.


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Iconic Sears Tower to Get Green Renovation (S2)

Recently, Former President Bill Clinton announced a joint partnership of the Clinton Climate Initiative and the City of Chicago that will give the 1,450 feet tall building a green makeover.  Through the partnership, the […]

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UAE LEEDs World, Greenwashing, Green Second Homes, + Energy Security (WIR)

UAE Mandates LEED Buildings, Leads the World. To spur second home sales, developers tout environmental attributes. The Six Sins of Greenwashing (a report by one company accused of, well, greenwashing). A […]

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