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Sky Farms, Green Fire Stations, Carbon Neutral Goals, + Zero Waste Lifestyle

Shipping containers become distinctive housing.  New fire stations are becoming green. Danish island of Samsø chases carbon neutrality. Kamikatsu Japan illustrates the zero waste lifestyle. Vertical sky farms gain […]

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MoMA Home Delivery Prefabs Debut This Sunday!

A while back when we heard about MoMA’s prefab exhibit, Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling, we were pretty psyched.  I mean, if you can’t tell by our archives with over 135 articles, we’re pretty obsessed with green prefab as the future of home building.  The MoMA exhibit will tell an interesting story of the history of prefabrication starting in 1833.  I’m sure we’ve come a long way in over 175 years, but there’s also the possibility that we’ve forgotten a few lessons in the process.  So I like the juxtaposition of the historical with the modern.  The modern will include five contemporary prefab structures, all of which have been assembled on the museum’s 54th street lot.  Starting this Sunday, July 20 through October 20, visitors will get the chance to tour the below designs in real life. 


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California Adopts Statewide Green Building Code!

California adopts statewide green building code State adopts nation’s first state green building codes California code adopted for all new construction

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Blu Homes Launches Convenient, Green, Affordable Abodes

So I have some renderings and information on Blu Homes, and I've also spoken with the folks in charge of this company.  They're serious about building homes that are green, convenient, affordable, and also perfectly sized.  The management team has considerable experience in this industry and I expect to see great things.  Plus, with homes in development in both Utah and Massachusetts, you may be able to catch a live walk-through as early as this winter.  So let's get a small preview. 


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[Updated] Gore Challenges Nation to 100% Renewable Energy Within 10 Years

Not unlike John F. Kennedy’s goal to land a man on the moon, Al Gore challenges the nation to produce every kilowatt of electricity through wind, sun, and other earth-friendly sources within 10 years.  Here are some links …

[+] The (Annotated) Gore Energy Speech [NY Times][+] Former V.P. Lays Down a Green Gauntlet [WSJ][+] Gore sets ‘moon shot’ goal on climate change [AP]


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