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BRAZO – Green, Ultra-Stylish LED Lamp

Early in grad school, I purchased a halogen task lamp for my desk studies, but I grew tired of it for two reasons: it was too hot and the light was unbearable.  So recently, I started looking around for a new, energy-efficient task lamp and Haworth was kind enough to send me a Brazo Task Lamp designed by Pablo Pardo of Pardo Designs.  Brazo is a real award winner, taking both Best of Competition and Gold in Lighting for Best of NeoCon 2007.   I knew it was going to be nice, but I really had no idea.  Here’s my review …


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City Center Lofts, Green Container Condos by Kalkin

I opened up the local newspaper today, and much to my surprise, there’s news that the first, mid-rise container building in the U.S. is planned for downtown Salt Lake City.  The project was designed by none other than Adam Kalkin, container architecture expert, and will be called City Center Lofts.  The green, ultra-modern condo building will have eight units and a ground level art gallery. 


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Escraper, Imbuing Green in Vertical Design [S2]

Imagine you are tasked with creating an innovative skyscraper that takes into consideration historical and social context, the existing urban fabric, human scale, and the environment.  Your skyscraper design can take any height or shape on any site in the world, but it must be technologically feasible and environmentally responsible.  Any ideas?  Evolo Architecture held a skyscraper competition with the above constraints and announced three winners and six mentions.  Of those nine, Daekwon Park has received some attention in the last week.  It’s a pretty interesting concept.  I also like the escraper by Sohta Mori and Yuichiro Minato. 

Escraper connects three twisted buildings in a modern, but natural way.  It has six major green spaces or parks, as well as a mini garden on each level. 


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Green Worry, LEED or Not, Impact of Green Buildings, + Carbon Footprints [WIR]

Green with worry. LEED is Just Not Enough. Developers expect benefits from LEED certification. The impact of the green building movement. Vegas finds gold in going green. Is this […]

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Green Buildings Financially Crush and Outperform Non-Green Buildings!!

Flat out, this news is big!  CoStar just released details of their study of LEED and Energy Star buildings, and I have to say, I was surprised by the numbers.  They analyzed roughly 1,300 LEED and Energy Star buildings representing 351 million square feet of commercial buildings.  The green buildings were compared with non-green properties of similar size, location, class, tenancy, and year built characteristics to extrapolate the economic case for green buildings.  The result:


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Tehama Grasshopper, a Green Warehouse Rehab

The April 08 issue of Metropolitan Home features an article entitled Urban Eco-tecture by green guru Eric Corey Freed.  The focus of the article is an 8,500 sf warehouse in San Francisco’s SoMA District.  Jason Shelton and Amy Shimer bought the warehouse and hired architect Anne Fougeron to convert the place into a modern live/work location.  The result is an intriguing fusion of modernism, sustainability, and adaptive reuse.


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