South Waterfront Named World's First Salmon-Safe Certified Neighborhood

The South Waterfront area of Portland is a new and interesting neighborhood.  All the buildings in South Waterfront will be LEED certified and thoughtfully planned.  The 35-acre, 17-block district abutting the Willamette River is also the first urban neighborhood to achieve Salmon-Safe certification.  The mission of Salmon-Safe is to restore the health of watersheds so salmon can spawn and thrive.  Here’s what the certification tells us about South Waterfront:


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Eco-friendly EcoTimber, Green Realtors, Solar Phoenix Suns, + Cost of LEED

Green cement may set CO2 fate in concrete. NAR establishes new green designation for realtors. EcoTimber benefits in eco-friendly wood flooring market.  Eight strategies to improve the performance of existing […]

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Swedish Energy Ball Changes Look and Feel of Small Wind Tech

This technology by Swedish company Home Energy has taken the web by storm over the past couple days.  The Energy Ball is an aberration in a small wind market that seems to be dominated by vertical axis, helical, miniature, and three-blade designs.  It takes the shape of a puffed up flounder — with an orb of six blades and a fin to guide the orb towards the wind. 


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Sneak Peak: Venice Live/Work House

How about kicking out a shout to the newly established blog by EcoSteel?  I was emailing with EcoSteel’s Kelvin Findlay about their new projects and the blog came up.  So I start looking through the first few posts and, of course, this Venice Live/Work home caught my eye.  I mean, how can it not?  Apparently the home is ready to go in California and EcoSteel is bidding out the contractor work at the moment.


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Aviator Energy Efficient Live/Work Units Planned for Steamboat Springs

I just received an email about an interesting project on the cusp in Steamboat Springs, Colorado called Aviator.  Aviator is a mixed-use, multifamily and storage units facility that’s targeting LEED Gold certification.  Seeking superior energy efficiency for the project, Olson Development retained EcoSteel to provide the structure.  EcoSteel calculates that their company could contribute ~18 points towards overall certification of Aviator based upon energy efficiency (10), heat island effect reduction (1), and recycled, reused, and regional materials use (7). 


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The Second Annual Plenty Twenty

I always find these lists interesting, but here’s the idea: "There are game-changers and then there are world-changers.  From Internet giants working to make renewable energy cheaper than coal, to a sea captain […]

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