Green America, Future Houses, Megahomes, LEED-EB, and Knowing Green Codes [WIR]

The Greening of America.  Houses of the future — now. Megahomes: Seattle wants to limit home sizes. Design of Xanadu mall is less than eco-friendly. Dallas couple lives comfortably […]

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Happy Fourth of July From Jetson Green!

Hopefully you’re eating good, hanging out with friends and family, and enjoying this day that we celebrate.  Keep it real, keep it careful, and we’ll be back with you as always tomorrow morning. […]

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Toyota Looking to Expand Stylish Prefab Homes Unit

Forget the fact that I lived in Japan and absolutely love its culture, I didn’t know that Toyota had a homes unit.  And they’ve been in the business of making homes for over twenty years!  The company adapts automobile manufacturing technology to build stylish, earthquake-resistant homes for sale within Japan.  The Toyota Homes unit accounts for only .5% of the company’s $262 billion in annual sales, and Toyota would like to beef that up a little bit.  Plus, with the roll-out of the plug-in hybrid beginning in 2010 (remember all that discussion here about solar homes and plug-in hybrids replacing gas stations?), Toyota would like to do more with their environmentally-friendly, prefabricated homes. 


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Re-Nest Hearts Us, We Heart Back!

There’s a lot of positive stuff going on for Jetson Green these days and we’re sure having fun keeping up.  Just this week, Stephanie from Apartment Therapy’s Re-Nest gave me the grill on various green […]

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AIA Report: 42+ Million People Live in Cities with Green Building Programs!

The AIA has been publishing some interesting analysis of U.S. green building programs, which I wanted to share with all you enthusiasts.  In their report, Local Leaders in Sustainability, the AIA looked at 661 communities, or cities with a population greater than 50,000 people, and conducted research of each communities’ green building programs.  The AIA spoke with planners and other officials from 606 cities, getting a 92% response rate.  They found that 92 of the 606 responding cities had green building programs — or to put that in perspective, over 42 million people live in cities with green building programs.  The report also elaborated on program trends and includes case studies of programs in Portland, San Francisco, Scottsdale, Chicago, Austin, and Atlanta. 


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Five Excellent Green Buildings, As Chosen By …

Top Five American Green Buildings Leading Ecoblogger Reveals Top Green Picks

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