Recession Proof, Drought Issues, Integrated Design, + Weatherization

The green rich (investors) list.   Green growth trends for 2009. Is the green building market recession proof? Portland may tax non-green building projects. Droughts may lay waste to parts of U.S. Business told […]

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Greenscreen Modular Trellis Panels

Greenscreen is not a new product, but the modular trellis panels are versatile enough to, in my estimation, inspire someone to put them to new use.  Or use them to create something unique or innovative. 


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Why Articles Have Been Delayed …

Things have been a little slow this week, but it's all for a good reason.  Jetson Green just welcomed a new little blogger in training on March 3, 2009.  Miles Bunker Koerner.  Thanks for your […]

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Project Green: an Innovative Mixed-Use Infrastructure Concept

With all the recent discussion about crumbling infrastructure and stimulus spending, it seems digg_url = '/2009/03/project-green-mixed-use-infrastructure-concept.html'; appropriate to talk about a design proposal that is actively addressing many issues that are showing progress across the country.  Project Green, slated for downtown Austin, Texas, represents a comprehensive approach to sustainability in the context of an urban, mixed-use development.  In addition to incorporating the usual features like solar panels and wind turbines, this proposal takes a serious approach to handling the most precious resource on earth.  Water.  


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St. Louis Chouteau Crossing Pursuing LEED Platinum Overhaul

With the glut of commercial space available today and the promise of stimulus money, some developers are looking at green building as a way to stand out.  Brushing up on catch-phrases just isn't going to cut it; in the new construction space, they're competing with early adopters who have already embraced sustainable design, energy efficiency, and LEED and the like.  They'll be competing with commercial projects like this. 


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Unity House Takes LEED Platinum

This exciting new line of prefab houses comes to us from Bensonwood Homes, based out of Walpole, New Hampshire.  Their Unity House, a Unity2 model built for the president of Unity College, has achieved a LEED platinum rating, making it one of a select group of homes around the country to reach such a lofty goal.  And the small design-build company debuts not one, two, or even three, but four stunning models to the sustainable housing market.  Reasonably priced and quickly assembled, all homes in the series are designed to be net-zero energy.  The design aesthetic seems to lean towards the classic single family American home, while the high tech materials and features thrust towards the future of home building.  The list of sustainable features is long to be sure, but here are a few key elements.


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