McGlasson WeeHouse Now For Sale

If you've ever wanted to live in a modern prefab and you're interested in living about thirty minutes north of Duluth, Minnesota, now might be your chance.  In 2005, Alchemy Architects designed this seasonal cabin of roughly 840 square feet, and after that, it became a hit in the national media.  I noticed it in Kiplinger's of all places!  The McGlasson weeHouse has two bedrooms, one and three-quarters bathrooms, a roof deck, and a detached sauna. 


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The Concept of LEED De-certification

LEED Version 3 has some new aspects, and the green building community is trying to understand the ins and outs.  One aspect has been talked about strenuously in the past week, and I thought we should ground ourselves a little bit.  Let’s take a step back and look at Minimum Program Requirements (“MPRs”), the concept of de-certification, or certification revocation, and whether this all means that projects can lose certification if they do not perform as designed.


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Green NIMBYs, Brand Tweeting, Cost Benefit Analysis + New Energy Label

Top 100 Green Design Firms.   Should sustainable brands tweet? 99 tricks to save planet and green your home. ASHRAE unveils new building energy label. The costs versus the benefits of green […]

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Greener Jobs: Build It Green, LEED Linc, and Green Key Real Estate

We just opened up a free, beta service for readers at Greener Jobs this week.  The response has been great, and the site has three new job listings already.  If you're a […]

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LEED Platinum Modern UR 45 Home

Just a quick jaunt north of Dallas right off of Central Expressway, there's a small community called Urban Reserve.  In Urban Reserve, all the homes are modern and sustainably designed — the minimum standards require Energy Star and a HERS of at least an 80.  This home is just one of several architecturally unique homes in the development.  Referred to as UR 45, the LEED Platinum certified home was designed by Shipley Architects for an executive of the development company, Rick Fontenot.  


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A Smart Green Living Zero Home

This is the Living Zero Home, which was commissioned by the U.S. Department of Energy and built by All American Homes.  The home was on display in Chicago last weekend and will move to about fifteen other destinations throughout the year, including Louisville, Greensboro, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Dallas, Phoenix, and Denver, among other cities.  The modern demonstration home features a Smart Living System — both an energy management and home monitoring tool — which helps owners save money and provides an alert for potential problems, such as a water pipe leak.  The home includes a number of other green elements, too:


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