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Thin Flats Chasing LEED Platinum

A lot of people in Pennsylvania have been talking about green building, but according to my quick research, no one in the state has received the USGBC's highest certification under the LEED for Homes program yet.  But that could change if the stars align for Thin Flats — the developer is seeking LEED-H Platinum for all residences and waiting on Energy Star certification.  Thin Flats includes eight, market-rate, up-down units split between four rows.  The newly completed project recently received case study treatment by GreenSource Magazine, and from what I've read, observers either love or hate the exterior facade.  Personally, I like it, but what do you think?


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Virginia Passive Solar Modern House Nearing Completion!

Just recently, we mentioned Copeland Casati in regards to the launch of Green Cabin Kits, but I thought it was high time to take a look at her SIPs home under construction near Appomattox in Central Virginia.  The home is actually a prototype of the Casa Ti house kit designed by architect David Day.  Designed to be off-grid, net-zero energy, and modern, the home has 1200 square feet of space with three bedrooms. 


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Invitrum 100 Percent Recyclable Kitchen

Just noticed a new product called Invitrum by high design, Italian kitchen maker Valcucine.  Invitrum is being referred to as a 100% recyclable kitchen, which means the product can be recycled at the end of its lifecycle — but the consumer needs to make that happen.  To help the consumer, as you can see with the image below, the cabinets have been labeled for recyclability.  The structure is of drawn, recycled aluminum and the base units are of recyclable glass.  Invitrum was designed to be manufactured with less material and energy.  So slick …


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Tiny Texas Houses and The Economist

The small house movement is going buck wild.  Some say it's because of a concern for the environment.  Others say it's because of the economy.  We could all say it's a confluence of both the economy and the environment, but what's important is that people actually rethink what a home can be — including how big it needs to be.  Just the other day, The Economist, published a story about two of the main players in the super small home genre, Tiny Texas Houses and Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.  We've mentioned Tumbleweed previously, but I learned something new about Tiny Texas Houses. 


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Hacking Architecture with the Conceptual Urban Space Station

The urban space station is a project taking aim at local environmental health, one building at a time.  Described by the designers as "parasite architecture," the semi-permanent structure sits atop any roof as it filters air, grows food, and re-uses organic waste for inhabitants.  


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Passive Houses, Weatherizing, Modular Housing, + LEED Liberties

Weatherizing the storm. Green industry not as badly hurt in bad market. Building green houses for the poor. Passive houses are aggressive energy savers. Energy-efficient passive houses gaining steam. Modular housing is reinvented […]

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