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Concept Utah Multifamily Container TOD

It looks like Group 41 has been hard at work on a few designs for a multifamily project in Salt Lake County built entirely from containers.  Below you’ll see both proposals, the Curve Scheme and the Red Container Scheme, but the general idea is to create about 200 units of market-rate housing along the rail transportation corridor.  Group 41’s Container Nation developed the two proposals to take advantage of different approaches to the stacking and build out of the containers.  In all, probably 1000 containers would be used — but this is preliminary conceptual phase with preliminary local planning approvals expected in mid-2009 or so …


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Miyi Tower Tree of Light Masterplan

A competition for a community plan in China recently declared a winning entry entitled "The Tree of Light." The local government of Miyi County was looking for a way to create a landmark body of architecture to serve as a foundation for further development in the area.  From the banks of the Anning River rises a comprehensive master plan addressing needs for education, environmental restoration, and community identity.


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Blue Sky Homes Yucca Valley Prefab

Update 5/18/09: This Blue Sky Homes prototype is complete!

Just the other day, we mentioned a beautiful green home designed by o2 architecture, but they’ve also been involved with another interesting company, Blue Sky Homes.  Blue Sky Homes was created to be a next generation prefab company — they’ve developed a system to construct homes faster, stronger, greener, cheaper, and easier than standard industry practice.  The Blue Sky Homes Building System involves fabricating the elements of the home in a factory and assembling those pieces on the job site.  And they’re testing this system on a 1,000 square foot prototype home in Yucca Valley right now.


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PLACE Houses Prefab Pacific Northwest

We've mentioned tons of prefab homes, but PLACE Houses is a new one for us.  This green home is a prefab design by PLACE Houses, a company offering smart, affordable, and green prefab designs to owners in the Pacific Northwest (and soon, the rest of the country).  Of note, the 2,800 square foot home is a far cry from the 5,400 square foot design another architect proposed, reports Metropolitan Home.  And in the end, the northwest modern residence incorporated a number of sustainable features:


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Good Green Shelter Inspiration

If you're the kind of reader that still likes the tactile feel of a good book or magazine, you might as well go give a couple magazines a quick look.  The March 2009 issue of Dwell focuses on the theme "Smarter, Greener, More Daring," while the April 2009 issue of Metropolitan Home looks at Green Renovations and the Greenest Little House in America.  There's plenty of high-quality reading material packed into both … well worth the combined cost of $10.98, if you buy them together. 


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A Clever Eco-Office Accessory

Recently, we mentioned reclaimed cardboard art, the kind of stuff that's perfect for your green boardroom, but here's another neat idea, this time from Studio Crank.  It's also a comically ironic idea: a waste paper basket made of 100% recycled cardboard.  It's called the "Chuck" Waste Paper Basket based on the notion that tons of reusable materials are typically chucked into landfills. 


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