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Santa Fe Sustainability with Solar

Solarsmith, a green building firm out of Santa Fe, New Mexico, recently helped Betsy Armstrong and Richard Barr build an eco-friendly, traditional southwest-style home in the foothills of Santa Fe.  The residence's roof is filled with solar panels, which are tied into the grid, helping to heat water for the radiant floors, exercise pool and appliances.  Excess energy is fed to neighboring homes.


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Glassy Greenhouse in Belgium

Wow, isn't this home striking?  It's a green house and a house meant to act like a true greenhouse — the steel-framed structure is enveloped in alternating layers of insulated transparent glass and translucent polycarbonate plates, so when the sun comes through the glass and heats up the interior, the insulation in the glass keeps the heat inside.  The insulation and translucent materials also provide a level of privacy, particularly on the first level, whereas the glass is featured prominently in the more public areas of the home. 


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Chinatrust Bank Complex Features Modern Buildings with Green Roofs

If you've ever been to Taiwan, you'll probably agree that this design for Chinatrust Bank's headquarters is spot on for the region.  Taiwan is so lush and green — the extensive allowance for green roofs, vertical courtyards, and open space in the central plaza likely blends right in to the terrain.  Designed by the LA office of NBBJ, with the assistance of local firm Fei & Cheng Associates, the development includes a 30-story headquarters building, 21-story commercial office building, 10-story hotel, and four-level retail center.  The development just broke ground earlier this month and will end up with 2.5 million square feet by about 2012. 


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Recession Proof, Drought Issues, Integrated Design, + Weatherization

The green rich (investors) list.   Green growth trends for 2009. Is the green building market recession proof? Portland may tax non-green building projects. Droughts may lay waste to parts of U.S. Business told […]

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Greenscreen Modular Trellis Panels

Greenscreen is not a new product, but the modular trellis panels are versatile enough to, in my estimation, inspire someone to put them to new use.  Or use them to create something unique or innovative. 


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Why Articles Have Been Delayed …

Things have been a little slow this week, but it's all for a good reason.  Jetson Green just welcomed a new little blogger in training on March 3, 2009.  Miles Bunker Koerner.  Thanks for your […]

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