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Happy Earth Day 2009!

Pretty much every website, organization, and movement has something to say today, and a lot of it is worth listening to.  We’re not going to get caught up in the hype cycle, but we also recognize that experimental Earth Day efforts could lead to greater commitment 365 days of the year.  We like the USGBC’s Earth Day Challenge, because it gets you thinking big outside of this isolated day.  If you're still looking for some time to kill this Earth Day, here are a few links that we noticed …


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The USGBC’s Earth Day Challenge

Everyone has something to say on Earth Day, and that’s not all that bad.  We’re going to keep the noise to a minimum, but here’s the thing:  A good Earth Day experiment just might lead to greater commitment, so why not give this one day a shot?  The USGBC sent out an email with an Earth Day challenge that may pay dividends long after this day is over …


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Select Home Hybrid Green Prefab

A little while back, Robert Kerr let us know about a new line of hybrid construction homes that his firm developed called Select.  The renderings in this article show the first Select home, which was designed for a private client to be built in Los Angeles.  Referred to as the Meridian Residence, this unique home accommodates mature trees already on the site — notice the Olive tree atrium in the middle.  We'll definitely keep you posted as the home moves forward and approaches completion …


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The Venus Project, a Total Redesign of the World

The great American architect Daniel Burnham once said, "Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men's blood."  The Venus Project is no little plan — it's a proposal for a total redesign of the world.  From cities on the sea to mass transit, mega sky scrapers, and even colonies in outer space, it covers every angle.  Furthermore, it proposes to achieve all of this by switching to a resource-based economy and adopting radical lifestyle changes.  The plan is large, thoroughly documented, and beautifully rendered.  The architecture even comes with plans to build the machines needed to build these massive structures.  Here's a look at just a couple of the many concepts …


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High Design for LEED Gold School

Some of the students of tomorrow will have the opportunity to learn in incredible, well-designed buildings.  Take for instance this $28 million building designed by Ross Barney Architects with the assistance of The Sheward Partnership.  Commodore John Barry Elementary School was designed to LEED Silver certification but ended up obtaining LEED Gold (at no extra cost to the School District of Philadelphia).  The District has obtained certification for two other schools and committed to build all future schools to LEED Silver certification.  Four such schools are on the boards right now. 


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Water Recycling, Green Hotel Chains, Energy Monitoring, + GHG Dangers

Ride the green building wave. Toronto mulls mandatory green roofs. Nevada water authority opposes home water recycling. Los Angeles approves Green Building Retrofit Ordinance. EPA says GHGs endanger human health and welfare. Wind […]

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