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Blue Sky Homes Prefab Now Complete!

A couple months ago, we mentioned Blue Sky Homes, as well as the prototype project of the Blue Sky Homes’ Building System.  As the story goes with prefab, a short eight (8) weeks after installing the footings, the prototype is now complete.  Dave McAdam, owner of the Yucca Valley prototype, sent me these images of the completed home — it’s a stunning example of clean, efficient, contemporary, desert architecture.


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ReModern Movement, Is Now The Time?

Chances are, if you've ever researched modern homes online, you've seen the name Gregory La Vardera.  In addition to maintaining a house plan blog (and contributing to a number of other sites and forums), he's on Houseplans.com, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and probably a thousand other services.  Frankly, he's all over the place, and he's trying to incite the kind of housing rebellion we're interested in seeing.  In a blog article dated May 14, 2009, La Vardera describes the ReModern Movement — a time when people build their own modern or green house — and provides a list of reasons for why now is the time:


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Marketing Eco Homes, Green Products, Earth Emancipated, + Airtight Homes

Top 10 green living myths. 12 tips for avoiding green product litigation. 10 practical strategies for marketing green homes. How to find cash back for building green. Who will be left behind by […]

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1960s Split Level Gets Green Makeover

Remodeling is big these days, and Boulder-based VaST Architecture has a knack for transforming rundown places into vibrant spaces (as they did with a co-work space called the Candy Shop).  VaST recently helped Gregg Olsen convert his Boulder, Colorado, 1960s, split-level home into an efficient abode with modern interior design.  The interior and exterior renovation was completed at a cost of $107 psf.


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Sustainable Design for Susi Q Seniors

Several years in the making, Laguna Beach now gets its Susi Q Senior and Community Center.  The project is the culmination of the efforts of many — designed by LPA, Inc., built by Swinerton Builders, and project management by Griffin Structures Inc. — and includes 8,200 square feet for the Senior Center and 8,000 square feet for the Community Center.  The pictures below show a beautiful, fresh, and contemporary space with clean lines, but let's also take note of a few sustainable design elements:


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Simple DIY Rooftop Solar Clover

Greentech Media broke news today of a prototype rooftop solar system made for simplicity, shipability, and affordability.  The system is being developed by Armageddon Energy and is aptly called a "clover."  The clover includes three hexagonal solar panels, a micro-inverter, and a triangular frame.  It's lightweight (check out the regular folks below doing installation work) and can generate roughly 400 watts.  The company just finished early stage testing and is readying a beta program for further testing. 


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