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Old 1940s Grain Silo Converted to Boutique Texas Inn

I just love this grain silo home — it's a fantastic example of adaptive reuse.  In 2007, Gruene Homestead Inn purchased the 1940s grain silo and remodeled the interior and exterior.  The result is authentic and incredible.  Can you imagine chilling on that front porch, enjoying a little Texas summer?  The Silo includes one bedroom and one bathroom in a loft-type setup for the rental price of $175/$210 a night. 


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Building Future, Green Hotels, GSA Stimulus, + Recycled Countertops

Have a green hotel stay. Building for a green future. Earth Day is for everybody, everyday. Developers often see green as a requirement. Get up to speed on the GSA's green stimulus. Going […]

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National Children's Museum LEED Design

On Earth Day, the National Children's Museum unveiled plans for a new building designed by Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects.  If all goes as planned, the building will obtain LEED certification and open in 2013.  The design reflects the Museum's mission to inspire children to care about and improve the world.  NCM's new, 150,000 square-foot facility will be built at National Harbor with some of the following green features:


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Celadon Eco Townhomes Now Open!

Wow, these turned out nice!  We mentioned Celadon a long time ago, and now the twenty-four unit development is complete.  The Charlotte Business Journal gave Celadon their Green Multifamily Project of the Year Award, and despite this crazy real estate market, buyers (who committed to a unit at the top of the market) are getting appraisals at the contract price.  I guess you could say green and modern design holds market value … we certainly think it does.  The interiors are minimalist and just right. 


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Happy Earth Day 2009!

Pretty much every website, organization, and movement has something to say today, and a lot of it is worth listening to.  We’re not going to get caught up in the hype cycle, but we also recognize that experimental Earth Day efforts could lead to greater commitment 365 days of the year.  We like the USGBC’s Earth Day Challenge, because it gets you thinking big outside of this isolated day.  If you're still looking for some time to kill this Earth Day, here are a few links that we noticed …


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The USGBC’s Earth Day Challenge

Everyone has something to say on Earth Day, and that’s not all that bad.  We’re going to keep the noise to a minimum, but here’s the thing:  A good Earth Day experiment just might lead to greater commitment, so why not give this one day a shot?  The USGBC sent out an email with an Earth Day challenge that may pay dividends long after this day is over …


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