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Platinum Vertical Modern Urban Lofts

Just last month, these seven, attached, single-family homes received LEED Platinum certification — the first homes in Arkansas to achieve the USGBC's highest designation!  Vertical Modern Urban Lofts is located in downtown Little Rock, and the second phase of the project is under construction right now.  The homes range in price from $299k – $399k, and they're destined to save owners some cash going forward.  They exceed Energy Star standards by 41% and feature a number of green elements:


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Efficient Modern Passive House in Utah

Update: See the completed Breezeway House and our owner interview.

There’s a new site called Our Passive House, where the owners are documenting the design and construction of the first Passive House in Utah.  It just so happens that I live in the same general neighborhood, so we’ll try to present a follow up article when the home is complete.  Owners Joe and Rebecca, available on Twitter @ourpassivehouse, hired Brach Design, Utah’s first certified Passive House consultant, to design the home.


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New Service: Green Building Jobs

You may have noticed in Saturday's Week in Review, but we're now rolling out a free, beta green building jobs service.  We've added a link to the navigation above and already published a couple great looking job opportunities.  The market can be tough on all of us — whether you're a company in need of remarkable employees or an employee in need of remarkable opportunities — make sure to use Greener Jobs. 


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New LEED LivingHome for Los Altos

Architect Ray Kappe designed the first (and now iconic) LivingHome in Santa Monica, and now, he has a new multifamily design that LivingHomes will prefabricate for a site in Los Altos, California.  The project includes three attached units, of which, two units will have three bedrooms and three bathrooms and one unit will have one bedroom and one bathroom.  One of the units will be owner occupied, one will be low-income, and the other will be a standard rental.  All of them will be green. 


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Iconic Green, Green Campgrounds, Colorado Rain + Loose with LEED

Top 10 Green U.S. cities. Playing loose with LEED. Iconic skyscrapers find new luster in green tech. Campgrounds, RV parks invest to go green. Now legal to catch rainwater in Colorado. Is […]

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14 New Green Duplex Designs [NOLA]

You're probably familiar with Brad Pitt's juggernaut project, Make It Right — back in December 2007, we talked about thirteen single-family designs planned for construction in the Lower 9th Ward.  A number of these have been built, and the progress has been interesting to watch.  In addition, Make It Right just announced fourteen new duplex designs from top international architects.  The designs emphasize community, affordability, flexibility, and sustainability, and starting in mid-August, Make It Right expects to break ground on two of these.  Check out a preview of all fourteen and the firms behind the designs:


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