And a Happy Thanksgiving to You!


If you're on the web, here's a quick note to say Happy Thanksgiving!  Hope you're safely enjoying the day with family, friends, and others.  I'm grateful to you for coming back and motivated everyday to find better projects, products, and noteworthy topics. 

Also, just for information, I have an excellent web guy working on migrating this entire site rom Typepad to WordPress.  It's a big endeavor, but I'm looking forward to being able to do some new things.  To make a bigger difference in the world … stay tuned!

Element Prefab Installed in Long Island


Blu Homes recently installed and completed this factory-built home for two professors in Long Island.  It’s based on the Element line, which is basically the same model used to build this Rhode Island retreat that we mentioned previously.  Maura McCarthy, co-founder of Blu Homes, told me in an email that steel frame construction helped the permitting process because the site is in a 120 mph wind zone near the ocean.

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EnGuard Recycled PET Batt Insulation


Alex Wilson, this year's winner of the Hanley Award for Vision and Leadership in Sustainable Housing, selected EnGuard Insulation by Vita Nonwovens as the BuildingGreen Product of the Week following Greenbuild in Chicago.  The 100% polyester insulation product is made with recycled plastic bottles, or, more specifically, 15% post-consumer and 35% pre-consumer recycled content. 

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