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Parasoleil Recycled Content Panels

Boulder, Colorado-based Parasoleil makes these panels from a variety of so called green materials, such as FSC-certified wood, aluminum, and steel.  The copper panels, in particular, are interesting.  Using 90-95% recycled content copper, these panels are made in a zero waste process that uses efficient waterjet manufacturing.  And they're 100% recyclable, too.  I've shown a variety of panels in this article, as well as a playful powder-coated application (above) and steel and copper patinas images (below).  


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LEED Platinum for Rowhouse Rehab?

Southern Liberties, LLC, recently completed a massive overhaul of this Philadelphia rowhouse and documented the process on the blog, Building Green on Montrose.  The 100-year old, 1,850 square foot home now has three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms, and the owners hope to obtain LEED Platinum certification for their efforts.  It’s listed for sale at $565,000 and incorporates some of the following green strategies:


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Flocking Green, LEED Performance, American Sustainability, + Old Reuse

The American Dream vs. sustainability. Preservation is the avant-garde of sustainability. The role of landscape architects in green design. LEED is not an exemplary indication of energy performance. Students flocking to […]

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Living Perfection with the Vantage Energy Management Solution

The energy management space is really crowded, and the pace of innovation is hard to keep up with.  While researching the various options on the market, I saw an opportunity to learn what one company's doing.  Vantage, a long-time provider of home automation solutions for luxury homeowners, is located down the road in Orem, Utah, and the company just released a new Energy Management Solution.  It's designed to save homeowners upwards of $600 – $1,500 per year, and the Vantage was kind enough to give me a tour of their offices to see how the solution works.


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NY Complexions Spa Takes LEED Gold

There's a new, state-of-the-art green spa that just opened its doors in Albany, New York.  Complexions Spa & Salon, owned by Denise Dubois, received LEED Gold certification in May 2009, and the owner shared her excitement on her blog, A Green Spa.  Denise tells an interesting story.  Rather than pay someone else (i.e., the consultants) to obtain certification, as a small business owner, she recruited her family to help pick the right strategies and to document the points.  And despite the daunting amount of paperwork required, she was able to get it done, making it an enormously rewarding experience. 


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Eight Classrooms of the Future Finalists

The Open Architecture Challenge is an international design competition that's hosted every two years.  This year, Architecture for Humanity and Orient Global hosted the competition to bring the architecture, design, and engineering community together with students and teachers to envision the classroom of the future.  After receiving over a thousand designs, each submission was rated on feasibility, sustainability, innovation in design, and overall design quality.  Now, after four rounds, there are eight finalists and one of these will win in September.  Check these designs out and tell us which is your favorite:


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