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St. Louis High School Seeks Platinum

The new science and library building at Crossroads College Preparatory School, located in the city of St. Louis, is seeking LEED Platinum certification.  If obtained, it will be the first K-12 school in St. Louis to earn certification.  Head of School Billy Handmaker* was committed to achieving the highest level of certification possible, while still spending within the budget and ending up with a good looking building.  He said, "from the beginning, we said 'we want Platinum, but won't compromise."


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St. Paul Home Created with Three Boxes

All the prefab enthusiasts need to make sure to check out this Hive Modular home in St. Paul's historic Capitol Heights neighborhood.  The home and its owner, David Schmit, were profiled in Midwest Home, and the article provides an interesting glimpse into getting a prefab built.  Schmit bought the lot, sold his home, worked with Hive Modular on the design, worked with the local architectural planning board to get approvals, and finally worked with the city of St. Paul to get approvals.  It took some time and patience, too.


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Learning from a Dead Living Wall

At one time, Paradise Park Children's Centre in London had a lush vertical hydroponic garden covering certain portions of the structure.  That time is no more, reports The Architects' Journal, the BBC, and the London Evening Standard.  The building, designed by DSDHA, called for a living wall to mitigate against planting the structure on a portion of open park space.  DSDHA retained landscape architect Marie Clarke and had the green wall system installed at a cost of £100,000.


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Green Container House in Houston

Some of you may be tired of container homes, but this one, the Cordell House, is too interesting not to talk about.  Designed by Christopher Robertson and developed by Numen Development, L.P., it’s a 1,858 square-foot pad with three bedrooms and three bathrooms.  And in addition to being built with a number of green elements (described below), the developer was able to keep construction waste to a minimum with ten contractor trash bags total.


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Nature Connection, Curbing Sprawl, Comeback Eco-Cities, + Enviro-Disaster

Forget curbing suburban sprawl. Eco-cities: building a comeback? 9 rooftop photovoltaic installation tips. Fed officials praise Kansas City's green impact zone. Should green building certification be guaranteed? Does collecting data = better […]

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Greener Jobs Roundup 9/5/2009

The beta experiment with our green job board is going pretty good so far.  With all the talk about green collar jobs, we thought we could at least help out a little bit, so if […]

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