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English Residence Relies on Solar Power

If you're reading this and you live somewhere in the area of 118 Areys Lane, Orleans, Massachusetts, you should go check out a house that we previously mentioned.  You remember the Modern Lake House?  The home was designed by Zero Energy Design and built by Cape Associates.  With the red and orange exterior, it looks a touch loud, but it's still a stunner.  What do you think?  ZED will be on site today from 10 am to 4 pm, Saturday, October 3, 2009. 


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Green Streets, Comparing Footprints, Net-Zero Solar Homes, + Heros of Time

Heroes of the environment 2009. The economics of sustainable buildings. Cities can learn from comparing their carbon footprints. Cities weigh green features versus expense in new buildings. Sacramento opens one of nation's longest […]

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Green Horizon On-demand Housing Premiere at West Coast Green 2009

Today at West Coast Green 2009, Green Horizon showcased their new SFH40 on-demand housing, and it's an impressive unit.  Designed to be a self-sustaining home for a family of four, it can be shipped anywhere in the world in a standard shipping container and set up in less than two hours by unskilled people.  Each unit has two bedrooms with built in furniture, a bathroom, and a kitchen area.  But it's also designed to be a self-sustaining shelter in the aftermath of a disaster when infrastructure may be damaged, so it includes solar panels and batteries, a bio-diesel generator as backup, and water purification equipment.  Units can be interconnected to share power and water.


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How about a Shipping Container Office?

Earlier this year, the OC Register highlighted one company's efforts to transform unused warehouse space in Santa Ana, California.  Orange County based Marketing Via Postal Group, Inc. needed offices for their new warehouse and decided to reuse 10 twenty-foot shipping containers as offices and a kitchen.  MVP's employees did the work and the container spaces now have porthole windows, office furniture, plants, and bathrooms/sinks. 


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September Monthly of Green Articles

We're quickly sliding into the winter months and conference season is definitely here.  West Coast Green kicks off tomorrow, and we'll have some choice coverage as a media sponsor for the event.  While you're waiting for that, though, make sure to check out some of our coverage from last month (links below).  Also, I want to kick out a shout to one of our new sponsors, Mr. Green Points.  Mr. Green Points has over 5,100 green product listings and can help you find reclaimed, renewable, low-emitting, recycled, and regional materials. Thanks to all our supporters! […]

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Ten Business Benefits of Green Buildings

Leave it to Jerry Yudelson to write what is probably the clearest articulation of the business case for green buildings you could ever read.  Jerry Yudelson is the author of several books that we've given away in the past, including Green Building A to Z, The Green Building Revolution, Choosing Green, and Green Building Trends: Europe, as well as about six others worth reading, too.  He was a board member of the USGBC and chaired Greenbuild for about five years; he now heads Yudelson Associates, a consulting firm that is dedicated to "growing the business of green building."  Most recently, Yudelson authored The Business Case for Green Buildings, and this is his conclusion:


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