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NanaWall Launches Folding Glass Wall System with Triple Glazing

NanaWall Systems provides a sleek, folding, glass wall system that's seen in a lot of green homes that we mention (for example, see this Sunset Breezehouse).  A homeowner may purchase a NanaWall for any number of reasons, whether to blur indoor and outdoor spaces, provide views, or draw natural light into interior spaces.  Now, though, all this can be done with greater efficiency using NanaWall's new SL70 with triple glazing system. 


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Efficient SIPs Green House in Virginia

In Powhatan, Virginia, there’s this three-level home that Handcraft Homes built with SIPs.  Designed by Watershed Architects, the project anticipates a minimum of LEED Silver certification and, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, was built for about $280,000.  The owners expect to recoup the extra cost of their green investment through energy savings gained over about seven years.


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Unhealthy Tap Water, Asphalt Jungle, Appraising Green, + Top Green Products

Cooling the asphalt jungle. EcoHome top 20 green products for 2009. The tap water is legal but it may be unhealthy. Seattle pilot program could lead to 12 living buildings. San Francisco […]

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23 Modern Solar Powered Mews in LA

RLG Properties, Inc. recently announced this new single-family development in Atwater Village that takes advantage of the small lot ordinance in City of Los Angeles.  With 23 homes under construction — all of them will have 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and an open floor plan — prices at The Mews start at $599,000.  Designed by Corsini + Stark, green features include extensive daylighting, operable clerestory windows, natural ventilation, Grasscrete permeable paving, bamboo flooring, drought tolerant landscaping, energy efficient appliances, and an installed solar system.


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12 Platinum Net Zero Energy Homes

In North Boulder, there's a new, green neighborhood development called Spring Leaf.  The neighborhood's first home, its model home, has been completed.  In total, Spring Leaf will include six single-family homes and six townhomes that will be all-electric, super efficient, and easily LEED Platinum.  Moreover, they'll all be net-zero energy homes powered by solar and geothermal systems.  


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  • Honeywell Wind Turbine Earthtronics

Honeywell Wind Turbine Coming Soon!

In July, we mentioned a small wind turbine from Earthtronics and Honeywell and want to provide an update.  We also have some newer images of what the actual turbine may end up looking like.  The WT6500 Wind Turbine, referred to as the Honeywell Wind Turbine Gearless Blade Tip Power System, will be priced at $5,995, with early units available in select Ace Hardware Stores starting in February 2010.


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