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Zero Energy Idea House in Washington

It's time to follow up on a project a cool project, the Zero Energy Idea House, that we mentioned at ground breaking in July 2008.  Located at Bass Cove near Bellevue, Washington, the 1,630 square-foot, two-bedroom Zero Energy Idea House was designed by Clinkston Brunner Architects and built by Shirey Contracting.  Overlooking Lake Sammamish, the home is planted into the hill as a demonstration of energy efficiency — the goal is to show that it generates as much energy as it uses.  


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A Beautiful Bend Oregon Green Prefab

Since we first mentioned Stillwater Dwellings in March, the new company has been extremely busy.  Not only have they lined up plans to build green prefabs in Portland (Or.), Santa Barbara (Ca.), and Healdsburg (Ca.), but they’ve recently completed their first prefab home in Bend, Oregon.  The company was kind enough to send us a few photos of the inside and outside, and the modern home is just stunning.


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Nation's First LEED Platinum Log Home

We've seen all kinds of LEED Platinum homes — manufactured, prefab, traditional, and modern — but this is the first LEED Platinum log home that we've seen.  It's likely the first LEED Platinum log home in the country.  The home was designed by Eric Hughes of Image Design LLC, and built by Hybrid Homes LLC out of Muskegon, Michigan.  Located on 6060 Longbridge Road in Pentwater, Michigan, the green log home features a number of green elements:


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Radical Green, Affordable Money, Slashing Carbon, + Double Dipping LEED

Radical green. Study: electric cars don't deserve praise yet.  The economic case for slashing carbon emissions. Enterprise commits $4B to affordable green housing. Architects speak their minds on global warming. Sustaining the […]

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Xeripave Natural Stone Permeable Pavers

Stormwater design and control is a huge aspect of green building, especially with LEED credits provided for reducing impervious cover, increasing on-site filtration, and reducing pollution from stormwater runoff and eliminating contaminants.  We've mentioned a company previously makes recycled content pavers, Vast Pavers, but I thought I would also mention another company that's been making news in the industry, Xeripave.  Xeripave makes permeable pavers in various colors that have a flow through rate of up to 1.5 gallons per second per square foot.  Watch how the paver works:


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Old Containers Reused as Health Clinics

It's always nice to hear how good companies are helping the world.*  I've just learned about one to keep an eye on: Containers to Clinics.  C2C is a start-up non-profit that's retrofitting shipping containers for use as health clinics that cater to women and children's needs in the developing world.  Their prototype container clinic is currently under construction with Stack Design Build in Rhode Island and should be complete in mid-November. 


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