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Landscaping Stars, Car Connections, Greener Pastures, + the Green Economy

Starchitecture and sustainability. Capitalizing on the growing green economy. Five next-gen green building materials to watch. The Living Building Challenge spreads it petals. Going back to nature with golf's greener pastures.  Sustainable […]

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Haptik Sustainable Suite Design by WATG

The USGBC, American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), and The Network of the Hospitality Industry (NEWH) together announced the winner of the first ever Sustainable Suite Design Competition.  The purpose of the competition was to showcase the best hospitality design strategies that boast environmental responsibility while enhancing the guest experience.  Out of 65 professional design entries, WATG and IDEO took the top prize for their suite, Haptik. 


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Clay Roof Integrated Solé Power Tile

We've seen building integrated solar by separate companies for use with both asphalt shingles and standing seam roofing.  Now SRS Energy and US Tile are preparing to unveil a new Solé Power Tile at Greenbuild.  The barrel-style technology was designed for a clay tile curved roofing system.  Using thin film solar, the Solé Power Tile integrates seamlessly with blue glaze or earthen tone tiles.  SRS Energy and US Tile will launch the system first on the West Coast and roll it out nationally through 2010.


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Koda Recycled Content Exterior Material

We first saw this 3form material, Koda XT, with the wavy transit shelters in San Francisco.  Designed by Lundberg Design, the colorful transit shelters use a custom configuration of Koda XT, a material made of 40% pre-consumer recycled content.  3form says Koda XT is the only architectural polycarbonate material available to use towards LEED MR 4.1 for recycled content.


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An Affordable Free Span Solar System

P4P Energy, LLC — short for Power for the Planet — recently completed the installation of its first, cable-suspended free span solar system in the parking lot of the headquarters building for REM Eyewear in Sun Valley, California.  Designed and patented by P4P Energy and TenSol Power, the array spans 107 feet on low-cost cables and provides shade for cars parked below.  It's expected to generate roughly 40,877 kWh of electricity per year. 


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Tempe Transit Center Covered in Green

We've seen solar-powered transit shelters, but this eco-friendly transit center with transit stops outfitted with green walls may be a first.  With the help of greenscreen green walls, the City of Tempe Transit Center is seeking LEED Platinum certification.  The mixed use facility, designed to be 52% more efficient than a traditional building of its kind, went with green walls to provide a buffer from the harsh Arizona sun and heat. 


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