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Top 10 Green Building Trends of 2010 [Earth Advantage Institute]

Sean Penrith, executive director of the Earth Advantage Institute, a non-profit based in Portland that certifies green buildings, recently published a list of ten green building trends to watch in 2010.  It's quite the interesting list, I think you'll agree.  While you're thinking about these trends, don't forget to read up on Jerry Yudelson's Top 10 Green Building Trends of 2010, as well.  The following is a synopsis of the trends discussed by the Earth Advantage Institute:


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Top 10 Green Building Trends of 2010

Jerry Yudelson, a prominent leader in the green building world, recently published his annual top ten list of green building trends.  As founder of green building consultancy Yudelson Associates, Yudelson is an author of 11 green building books and past chair of the Greenbuild (2004-2009).  He’s a big deal.  In mostly his words below, check out what’s in store for green buildings in 2010:


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  • CalStar Products Fly Ash Brick

CalStar’s Impressive Green Fly Ash Brick

CalStar Products recently introduced a fly ash brick and fly ash paver that’s been getting major attention in the industry.  The innovative fly ash products are behind the company’s attention in the Wall Street Journal and finalist nomination for the Crunchies in the Best Cleantech category.  They’re made from 40% fly ash and 60% local aggregates, together with some proprietary ingredients.


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Retrofit Best Practices, LEED Snafus, Raising Poultry, + Killing the Lawn

Do green buildings make life greener? For some, home is a tiny plastic bunk. California couple killing their lawn to save water. 10 trends that will fuel growth of green buildings […]

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Adobe Installs 20 Windspire Turbines

Several years ago, Adobe made business news by sharing how their green building initiatives saved the company big money.  Its San Jose headquarters facility includes three office towers that have received three LEED Platinum certifications.  Over time, the company has reduced indoor water use by 22%, landscape water use by 76%, electricity by 35%, and natural gas by 41%.  Now Adobe generates on-site energy with 20 Windspire small wind turbines by Mariah Power.


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Off the Grid Small Osprey for IBS 2010

Update 1/27/2010: A Small Osprey Eco-Cottage Has Landed!

Starting January 19 in the Las Vegas Convention Center, four modular demonstration homes will be on display for the International Builders’ Show 2010.  All of the homes will qualify for the NAHB’s National Green Building Certification, and they’ll be smaller, too.  One home in particular, The Osprey, caught my attention.  The 523 square-foot home, perhaps, will be the greenest of all four models in the Show Village. 


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