Micro Green Prefab Units in California?

After completing a pair of ultra green prefab townhomes in Oakland, ZETA Communities is now designing two larger projects in planning for parking lot sites in Berkeley and San Francisco.  In collaboration with developer Panoramic Interests, these tiny SmartSpaces will be car-free, factory-built, and designed for LEED Platinum certification.


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Eddy: Sleek New Small Wind Turbine

Urban Green Energy just announced the launch of “eddy,” a new small wind vertical axis wind turbine for home or office applications.  The sleek wind turbine, according to the company, is “whisper quiet,” starts turning in 8 mile per hour winds, and has a maximum safe wind speed of more than 120 miles per hour.


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Container Studio Space in New York

Artist and DJ Andrea Shapiro went to her architect for help creating a work space in Amagansett, New York.  With a limited budget of $60,000, Shapiro needed roughly 700 square feet and an "inviting and reflective" studio, according information posted by the architecture firm on Architizer.  Maziar Behrooz Architecture suggested using old steel containers for the structure to save costs.  The result is shown below with additional images and video. 


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Leaner Greener, Low Carbon Diet, Smaller Selling, + Energy Economy

Old is the new green. Opinion: don't LEED us astray. Clinton: green energy can grow economy. $2 billion skyscraper receives LEED Platinum. Generating energy from sewage wastewater. Going on a low carbon […]

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Affordable Housing Meets LEED Platinum

Already 70% leased, this impressive 66-unit apartment project, Silver Gardens, is the first affordable housing development in New Mexico that has been designed and built to obtain LEED Platinum certification. Located on a reclaimed brownfield near bus and rail access, Silver Gardens boasts some impressive green elements.


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Micro Recycled Eco-Composite Surface

Meld USA, maker of ecoX, recently launched a new surface material called Micro, which is made with up to 74% pre-consumer recycled content in Raleigh, North Carolina.  The product, which can help contribute toward several LEED credits, is available in slabs of 30" x 96" x 1.5" or in over-sized custom slabs.  Micro can also be custom fabricated into a variety of applications. 


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