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Literally Green and Net-Zero Energy

Putney School, a prep boarding school for grades 9-12, needed a field house and retained Maclay Architects to design a green one.  Literally.  The ~$5 million green building is one of only a few net-zero energy buildings of its kind.  It's also a contender for LEED Platinum certification and boasts a number of impressive green elements.   


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Off-Grid Prefab zeroHouse Now Ready!

Two years ago, the zeroHouse hit the internet like a tornado.  Now, Specht Harpman, the firm that designed the off-grid, modular, tiny house, is looking for a "visionary" to finance the construction of the prototype at something in the range of $300,000 to $350,000.  The good news comes from the American-Statesman, which recently reported that the design is "shovel-ready." 


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OfficePOD and Skip the Daily Commute

Across the pond, a company called OfficePOD aims to change the way people work.  The company provides pod-like office cubes to companies and individuals to facilitate flexible home/work arrangements.  For the price of £14,950 ($24,400) plus installation and VAT, the company will set up the OfficePOD in about a day.  The lead time for installation is less than 12 weeks, and lease options are available as well.


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1850s Rowhouse Now Carbon Neutral!

In the heart of Capitol Hill — just a few blocks from the nation's capitol — is this newly renovated gem.  GreenSpur, a design and build firm, found the dilapidated eyesore and decided to overhaul it into a carbon neutral showcase. The aim was to show that an energy-efficient home powered with cutting edge green systems and green power can be a net neutral producer of carbon. 


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High-Rise Rehab with a Huge Green Wall

A solar and wind powered green substation isn't the only project in Portland to receive federal funds.  The Edith Green/Wendall Wyatt Federal Building is getting well over a $100 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to renovate all aspects of the building.  The most noticeable change will be a vast wall of greenery covering the westerly facade.  


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Portland Awaits Innovative Solar and Wind Powered Light Rail Substation

About one month ago, construction began on this ambitious light rail substation for the South Terminus of TriMet's Portland Mall Light Rail Line.  The station, designed by Hennebery Eddy Architects, combines style with salvaged materials and a unique solar and wind power scheme. 


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