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Off the Grid Urban Block for Dallas

Several months ago, we profiled all three finalists in the Re:Vision Dallas competition.  The purpose of the competition was to design a sustainable urban city block near Dallas City Hall.  Of these finalists (and several hundred other entries), the Forwarding Dallas entry has now been announced as the winning design.  The off-the-grid block, designed in collaboration between Atelier Data and Moov, is scheduled to break ground in 2011. 


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Sozawe Terraced Green Roof Complex

The other day, Design Boom reported on this project for the city of Groningen in the Netherlands.  Designed by NL Architects, the project, called Sozawe — welfare department and work agency — has office spaces, a large interior public space, and 215 parking spaces.  Each of the nine office floors includes access to outdoor spaces with trees and a view over the city. 


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Portland SIPs House Now Complete!

About a year and a half ago, we mentioned a project designed by seed architecture studio called the SIPs House in Portland.  Built by Kaya General Contractors, the home is now complete.  Since it hasn’t sold yet due to market conditions, the developing partner is going to move in.

The all-electric home is one of the first homes in Portland to be built with SIPs and features a number of green features:


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Nashville Hutton Hotel Goes Green

Earlier this year, Hutton Hotel opened its doors in Nashville, Tennessee.  Hotel Interactive recently referred to the building as "one of the most sustainable focused properties" it had ever seen, although the developer, Amerimar Enterprises, decided to skip LEED certification.  Built from the skeleton of a former office building, Hutton Hotel has 248 rooms and some of the following green elements: 


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Caulkers Cash, Smaller Homes, Green Building Benefits, + Energy Monitors

Smaller homes are in the ascendant. How to choose energy-efficient windows. Hohm vs. PowerMeter: a side-by-side rundown. A stimulus that could save money: cash for caulkers. Green buildings reduce energy use, lower […]

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LEED Platinum Ross Street House

This is the Ross Street House in Madison, Wisconsin.  It's located just a mile from the University of Wisconsin campus and the first LEED Platinum home in the entire state!  I first noticed the home in an article on Cadalyst, where author Kenneth Wong discussed the use of ArchiCad software to model the home and neighboring properties for context.  Owner Carol Richard, partner in the Atlanta firm of Richard Wittschiebe Hand, also used modeling to optimize the amount of natural light brought into the home. 


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