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Rocio Romero Debuts Stackable Prefabs

Rocio Romero, the architect behind the LV series of prefab homes, just announced the availability of stackable prefabs.  Referred to as the LV2 — a 2-story stack placed on any LV series unit, the custom add-on costs the same as regular LV series units.  Rocio Romero has sold over a hundred LVs and says the average cost to build, including the kit, shipping, foundation, and finish costs, is about $120 per square foot (not including land).       


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Woolly Pockets Showing Up Everywhere!

After seeing these in Dwell, I’ve noticed Woolly Pockets popping up all over, including on Flora Grubb Garden as a do-it-yourself vertical garden.  For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out how a flexible, breathable, modular gardening container made from recycled plastic bottles would work without gushing water all over the place.  But it does (watch the video below), only if you do things right.  Woolly Pocket Gardening Company has various options available from $29 – $350.


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Affordable, Solar Powered, Eco Housing

Part of an abandoned, former industrial site in Oakland is now Ironhorse at Central Station, a 99-unit affordable housing development.  Owned by Bridge Housing, designed by David Baker + Associates, and built by J.H. Fitzmaurice, the ~$41.4 million project includes one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments for families with incomes ranging from $18,000 to $50,000.  Ironhorse is a fascinating display of green, affordable housing that's also solar-powered. 


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Drainwave Helps Avoid 'Dry Drain' Problems from Water Efficient Fixtures

Water efficiency is an important measure in green building everywhere, but in Australia — one of the driest countries in the world — water conservation is more widely practiced and water awareness is generally higher than it is in North America.  In addition to pioneering water efficiency, Australians have discovered some problems due to the use of efficient, low-flow fixtures.  One is the potential problem of "dry drains," however, a new invention called the Drainwave aims to solve the problem. 


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Top 10 Green Building Trends of 2010 [Earth Advantage Institute]

Sean Penrith, executive director of the Earth Advantage Institute, a non-profit based in Portland that certifies green buildings, recently published a list of ten green building trends to watch in 2010.  It's quite the interesting list, I think you'll agree.  While you're thinking about these trends, don't forget to read up on Jerry Yudelson's Top 10 Green Building Trends of 2010, as well.  The following is a synopsis of the trends discussed by the Earth Advantage Institute:


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Top 10 Green Building Trends of 2010

Jerry Yudelson, a prominent leader in the green building world, recently published his annual top ten list of green building trends.  As founder of green building consultancy Yudelson Associates, Yudelson is an author of 11 green building books and past chair of the Greenbuild (2004-2009).  He’s a big deal.  In mostly his words below, check out what’s in store for green buildings in 2010:


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