Traditional LEED Platinum in Georgia

New World Home, a design-build company, recently took LEED Platinum for another traditional home in Geogia.  Like the other one nearby, this Marietta home was factory-built in modules and has a slew of green features.  It’s the company’s Chadwick design and the award-winning home also carries NAHB Gold and EarthCraft Gold certifications.


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In the LEED: Melrose Commons, Holy Wisdom Monastery, Willow Creek Center

On a weekly basis, we probably hear about 5-10 projects receiving some form of LEED certification and they certainly deserve some sort of recognition.  So we're going to publish "In the LEED" every so often to share a little bit about what's going on in the industry.  Of course, we'll also take some time to showcase LEED projects on a more thorough basis, so stay tuned. In the mean time, check these four projects out.  Some impressive work …


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Dollars and Sense, Green Priorities, Cement Gold, + Energy Star Audits

Water's place in Cradle to Cradle. Do green buildings make dollars and sense? Top 10 priorities to build green on a budget. Audit finds vulnerability of Energy Star program. Clean technology may […]

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Nine Modern Homes in Taltree EcoVillage

After nearly three years of planning, Taltree ecoVillage by YS Development is gaining a little steam.  Located in Redmond, Washington — not more than a bike ride from the company Bill Gates co-founded — Taltree includes a collection of nine modern, green homes built to the highest green building and energy efficiency standards. 


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Noticed: The Packaged Vertical Garden

There's a push for density and urbanization and efficient use of space, but all too often a connection to nature is lost in the process.  Luzinterruptus, a guerrilla style outfit out of Madrid, recently installed this Packaged Vertical Garden to make a statement about the importance of preserving urban greenery. 


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Stylish New Green Prefab from FabCab

The accessory dwelling unit is in style these days, especially in the Pacific Northwest.  We’ve seen this with Backyard Boxes in the Seattle and laneway houses in Vancouver, and now FabCab would like to help this market out in Seattle, too.  FabCab – short for fabulous cabin –- is a new endeavor by Emory Baldwin to sell eco-friendly prefab and kit dwellings.


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