Helios House Gets LEED Gold in Bend

If you've been to Bend, Oregon — smack dab in the center of the state on the dry side — you know it's a cool place with a ton of outdoor, vacation, and eco-friendly options.  That's why the owners of this vacation rental, Helios NW Eco-House, decided to go ahead and earn LEED Gold certification. It's actually, according to the owners' research, the first vacation rental home in the state to receive this level of certification. 


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Tracking Energy, Inefficient Builders, Electric Retrofits, + Buying Into Green

An energy-saving air conditioner. Three best ways to become eco-friendly. AIA develops tool to track predicted energy use. DOE launches site for affordable efficient windows. Electricians doing business with five green retrofits. […]

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Nine Near Carbon Neutral Communities

Popular Science just published an interesting roundup of green communities in an article now titled, "Nine of the World's Most Promising Carbon-Neutral Communities."  You'll recognize several of these communities as we've mentioned them previously.  What's important is the notion that reducing an environmental impact can be ultra effective when done on a large scale.


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Haptik Blends Luxury and Sustainability

In response to a design challenge issued by the USGBC, WATG and IDEO created "Haptik," a sustainable hotel suite that blends sustainability and luxury in a high-tech environment.  The suite, named after a Greek term for experiencing interactions based on touch, won the challenge and was built as a model at HD Expo 2010 last month.  Courtesy of WATG, take a look inside:


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Modular Recycled Ditto from 3form

3form, an innovative maker of recycled content materials, recently introduced a new modular product called Ditto.  The product, winner of the Best of Competition Award at the HD Expo 2010, is made with hundreds of cross-shaped pieces that combine to form a partition, wall, or ceiling feature.  Ditto is made with Varia Ecoresin, a 40% pre-consumer recycled content material, and can be customized using an online configurator and several different colors.


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Update: Living in an Active House

Last year we mentioned this ultra-green Active House in Denmark.  Even with all the windows, it's paradoxically efficient enough to capture more energy than the occupants need for heat and power.  In fact, over 40 years, the idea is that surplus energy will offset the energy required for construction and materials, too.  It's a step beyond zero net energy or even Passive House. 


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