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10 Things to Consider Before Using Shipping Containers For Your Project

Modern day pioneer John Wells is doing some interesting work in Alpine, Texas.  On his desert swath in The Field Lab, which is also referred to as The Southwest Texas Alternative Energy and Sustainable Living Field Laboratory, Wells is living off the grid and building an interesting live/work space of shipping containers.


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BRIO54 Starts Efficient Home Prototype

BRIO54, a design-driven development firm, recently began construction on a prototype of their H4 design in Milford, Connecticut.  The firm took the H4 through extensive planning and fine tuning in order to construct something with style and a light environmental footprint.  The 2,264 square-foot, three-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bathroom home should be quite energy efficient.


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Efficient Simple Modern Home for $150k

Since we last mentioned his efficient home built for under $70,000, Caleb Schafer's been quite busy.  He has a new website for Simple Modern Homes with a number of new home designs.  He's also doing new work with new clients, and one home in particular looks interesting.  Referred to as CL24, the design is for a 2,000 square-foot green home in Canyon Lake, Texas. 


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If It Doesn’t Perform, It’s Not Green!

In a forthcoming keynote address to the Green Cities conference of the Green Building Council of Australia, green building guru Jerry Yudelson intends to tackle a important concern in the sustainable building world: performance.  His keynote, entitled “If it doesn’t perform, it’s not green,” is at the center of a hot button topic that seems to be taking on new fervor these days. 


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Waste Not with a Combo Sink Toilet

You’ve probably already seen this toilet and sink combination before.  It’s the W+W – short for washbasin and watercloset – from Roca.  The product, currently available overseas, reuses waste water from the sink in the discharge of the cistern, which helps it reduce water usage by up to 25% compared to a standard 6/3 liter dual-flush toilet.


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Fly Ash Concerns, Greener Ways, Living Incentives, + 10 Million Solar Roofs

Perspectives on sustainability. About the new 10 million solar roofs bill. NY panel suggests 100 ways buildings can be greener. EPA and DOE form State Energy Efficiency Action Network. Economy forces a […]

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