Solar Trees Grow on Parking Structures

A couple years ago we mentioned that the University of California San Diego was in the process of installing rows of Solar Trees on top of the Hopkins and Gilman Parking Structures.  These parking lots, and the company that makes them, Envision Solar, received a mention by the NY Times recently.  That's because Envision Solar has a novel approach — putting solar and shade in otherwise unused and unshaded parking lots. 


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Green Building Market to Surge by 2015

Over the next five years, according to a subscription report published by Environmental Leader, total United States green building market value is expected to increase from $71.1 billion to $173.5 billion.  The EL Insights report projects a compound annual growth rate of 19.5% in green building market value from 2010 through 2015. 


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Lumboo Engineered Bamboo Lumber

While we’re talking about bamboo, another product worth keeping an eye on is this bamboo dimensional lumber from Cali Bamboo.  The San Diego-based company says the product, Lumboo, is the “world’s first engineered bamboo dimensional lumber,” made with 100% compressed bamboo and a low-VOC resin. It can be used for fences and a variety of other applications.


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Wavy Solar Integrated Studio House

Lamboo, Inc., a maker of architectural bamboo products out of Illinois, has this concept studio featured on their website.  Lamboo Studio is made with several different Lamboo products, including bamboo interior paneling, custom bamboo furniture, bamboo content in windows and doors, and laminated structural bamboo in the roof and floor.  Illustrating several uses for these bamboo products, the 304 square-foot tiny home has a wavy aluminum roof with integrated Uni-Solar panels and a composting toilet for off-grid living. 


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Green Acoustics, Endangered PACE, Passive Traction, + Auto Dependency

Green building acoustics. Downsizing: how to build a tiny house. New approaches to water conservation. Fannie and Freddie threaten PACE loans. Perception vs. reality: the cost of green building. Is the problem […]

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Green Prefab Maxwell by Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever, a Florida-based company with an office in California, makes some slick green structures that can be used as weekend retreats, home offices, extra bedrooms, sheds, and anything else along these lines. Shown here is the Maxwell Cabin. It’s a 320 square-foot model that sells from $32,500, depending on options.


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