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35 Stunning Platinum Projects of 2009

In the past year, we've discussed over 35 LEED Platinum projects, and they're all pretty incredible.  Some are renovations.  Others are new construction.  Some are big.  Others are small.  Some are officially certified.  Others are expecting certification.  The point is, we're at the point now where a LEED project is not worth mentioning — typically speaking — unless it's coming in at the highest level of USGBC certification.  Check out the best of the best (click the text links for more images and information).


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10 Shipping Container Projects of 2009

If there's something we're seeing more of it's container projects.  And nothing brings out emotion like a shipping container project.  Some argue that the benefits of using containers for a structure's framework are negligible, if any, while others argue that container projects are too austere.  Or industrial.  Nonetheless, as long as you're building with old containers, we'll likely keep talking about the greener ones.  In the mean time, feel free to review the best of this year (click the text links for more images and information).


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19 Green Building Innovations of 2009

We all know design will do a lot of the work in making a building green, but technology is important, too.  Over the past year, we've seen some interesting innovation in a broad category of articles we call building-related green technology.  Solar innovation is hot, and small wind — albeit heavily scrutinized — is doing some things also.  So, check out this retrospective on green technology in the built environment (click the text links for more images and information). 


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62 Innovative Green Homes of 2009

Notwithstanding all the factors hammering the real estate world in 2009, we had the opportunity to cover over sixty-two innovative green homes.  Forward thinkers all over the country, and the world for that matter, are finding ways to develop, renovate, design, and build greener homes in different ways.  Some are more affordable.  Some are more efficient.  Some are certified at the highest level.  Some are prefabricated in days.  They're all interesting and innovative.  Click the text links below for more images and information.


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Green Trends, Energy Neutral Housing, Toxic Home Interiors, + The Future

The builders' manifesto.   Four green building trends to watch in 2010. Builders zero in on energy-neutral housing. 2/3 of homes had excessive formaldehyde levels. Green movement good for restaurant business. The transportation […]

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Happy Holidays from Us to You

It’s that time of year and the crew here at Jetson Green would like to share well wishes for the holidays. Stay healthy, keep warm, and enjoy friends and family. We’re going to […]

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