Toward a Zero Energy Home

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The authors of Green from the Ground Up, David Johnston and Scott Gibson, recently released a new book called Toward a Zero Energy Home: A Complete Guide to Energy Self-Sufficiency at Home, which the publisher sent to us for review.  Johnson and Gibson explore net zero energy homes of all varieties — bungalows, ranches, craftsmans —  and what it takes to build homes that are healthy, green, and ultra energy-efficient.


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PACE Problems, Rescue Bamboo, Recycled Bricks, + Not Just Passive

More than Passive. Putting the brakes on PACE. Consumer green spending unaffected by recession. Building with new recycled bricks (CalStar). Companies upset about DOE showerhead rule. Smart meters alone not really energy […]

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Studio Created with One Prefab Module

A few months ago, we mentioned that PieceHomes was using green pieces, or extra modules, to help people expand or remodel existing homes.  Recently, the company sent an eP: Studio module to Venice, where it was installed above a site-built garage.  It arrived mostly complete — the siding needed to be applied — and was forklifted into place.  Check out the finished interior below …


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Healthy Modern B-Line in Minneapolis

We've mentioned several different prefabs from Hive Modular over the years, and this home, a B-Line Medium 003, was profiled by Epoch Times the other day.  It's a beautiful, contemporary home in Minneapolis owned by T.J. Thoraldson and Vladimir Vukojevic. 


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Green Low Energy Home in South Austin

This home, designed by Ben Obregon and built by Bill Taute Homes, recently hit the market in Bouldin Creek for $725,000.  If you’re in the area and the pending contract doesn’t close, you could find yourself in a contemporary, low-energy home powered by rooftop solar photovoltaics for something near that price.


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Solar Trees Grow on Parking Structures

A couple years ago we mentioned that the University of California San Diego was in the process of installing rows of Solar Trees on top of the Hopkins and Gilman Parking Structures.  These parking lots, and the company that makes them, Envision Solar, received a mention by the NY Times recently.  That's because Envision Solar has a novel approach — putting solar and shade in otherwise unused and unshaded parking lots. 


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