Source for Reclaimed Building Materials

With the growing popularity of deconstruction and efforts to keep usable materials out of landfills, Planet Reuse is the place to find and list reclaimed building materials. I’ve mentioned the site before, but it’s a great resource, especially if you’re going for a distinct look or material that contributes to LEED certification. Check out some of these current listings.


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Modern Eco Courtyard House in Florida

This is a newly constructed contemporary home in Winter Park, Florida.  It was designed for a family of four by John Drake of Green Apple Architecture and has 2,988 square feet, as well as terraces, courtyard spaces, and cozy family gathering areas.  As a certified green home, it’s also a good example of the kind of home that can be built with proper planning, a decent budget, and the right team. 


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Smart Green Homes from Minimalist+

Generally speaking, traditional construction can be inefficient and wasteful, while prefab construction can be non-local and expensive.  Somewhere in between, you might imagine, is a potential sweet spot where homes can be built in a smart, green, approachable, and modern way.  That’s what a Portland team is trying to do with Minimalist+ and their new SiteFab building process.


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Traditional Passive House in Oregon

This is the first Passive House certified new house on the West Coast (joining a California remodel in the Pacific Coast certification club).  The traditional home, located in Salem, Oregon, was built with a number of green materials by Bilyeu Homes, Inc.  It's also airtight, ultra-insulated, and very energy efficient — as are other Passive Houses we've discussed in Utah, Kansas, and Louisiana.


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Green Mistakes, Arboreal Architecture, Surface Cooling, + Design for Resale

Home for life. Moving toward cool surfaces. Is environmentalism a luxury good? McDonough on Cradle to Cradle design. Circular prefab: hip to be round. Getting it right in New Orleans. Costly green […]

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LEED Platinum Remodel in Wilmington

With 113.5 points, this North Carolina home is one of the greenest remodels ever certified by the LEED for Homes program, according to EcoHome Magazine.  Architect Jay DeChesere led the Wilmington project which diverted 91% of construction waste and secured a HERS rating of 28 post-renovation.  You’ll have to admit these are some stellar numbers!


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