Tiny Green Work Pod from Sustainsia

This curvy work pod was designed by Thomas Biggs and features interior furniture elements — lift-open cabinets and a Murphy bench — from Tony Carr.  Biggs and Carr offer these eco-friendly pods for sale through Sustainsia, Inc., with the hope of providing an at-home work environment that's nothing like the typical cubicle.  Green elements include rooftop solar, R30 insulation, and eco-friendly materials, while pricing could be anywhere from $10,000, according to East Bay Express.


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Three New Green Design Magazines

You don't have to read Nieman Journalism Lab to know the publishing world is in shambles.  Particularly in the shelter magazine category, where available titles shrink from one month to the next, there hasn't been much going on.  But in the past few months, I've noticed some new activity — perhaps this is an inflection point.  In any event, if you're looking for fresh green design inspiration, here are three new titles to keep in mind. 


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How to Weatherize Your Home for Fall

A guest post by Anne Maertens from EnergySavvy.com.

Have you started closing your windows at night? That’s a good sign that it’s time to start getting your home ready for fall. An important part of your fall preparations should be weatherizing your home so you can enjoy a comfortable abode without having to sign over your paychecks to your natural gas, propane or oil providers.


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Efficient Modular Zero Homes in Maine

This month, Modular builder Keiser Homes and architecture firm Kaplan Thompson Architects launched the net zero energy series of modular homes called the "Modular Zero Collection."  These homes have been designed to use the smallest amount of energy possible and, if purchasers opt for solar hot water and solar photovoltaics, can produce as much energy as is consumed on an annual basis. 


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Car-free Enclaves, House Warming, Health Boost Building, + Home Printing

Dwell on green design. Houses that solve global warming. Green buildings may boost occupant health. Reasons why we don't have car-free hoods yet. Some builders warming to green standards. Building green begins […]

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Small, Green, Affordable in The Big Easy

The USGBC recently held a competition for the design of an affordable, single-family house with between 720 and 880 square feet that meets the requirements of LEED Platinum certification.  Local chapters chose 49 designs and a national jury picked two professional finalists and two student finalists.  These four designs will be built in the Broadmoor neighborhood of New Orleans by enviRenew.


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